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What is Creativity | Type of Creativity | Examples

“Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics.” — Victor Pinchuk


Some of us may ask ourselves what is creativity? And some of us even get asked. The question “what is creativity? Is a question that has become so rampant tt both adults, youths and children get to ask you “what is creativity and why do they need to be creative?”

“What does it really mean to be creative?”

“What is creativity in art?”

”  Hence, What is creativity in design?”

“What is creativity in Nature?”

“What is creativity in technology? ”

“How do I know my level of creativity?”

“Further, How can I be creative?” And lots of other questions that just pop up in our minds. Further, I have made background research. I have come up with something that answers “what is creativity? In detail and gives a very wide view of it. To start with, what is creativity in normal life?


Creativity is the quality or ability to create or event something. It is also defined as a phenomenon whereby something new and very valuable is generated. The created item may be a tangible physical or even a digital object.


What is creativity? A great person also defined Creativity as the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives. Or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others.


What is creativity?-“With divers of definations for Creativity” all sums up to one meaning which is the ability to create something new or something old in a new way.


“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.”

           — Erich Fromm

What is creativity, Is it born or trained??

We can equate creativity with a natural-born ability to come up with new and unknown ideas. But in reality, it is more like being able to maximize our full potentials.

We each have a responsibility to exercise our creative muscle or else it will not exist.

It takes time to find the right medium for you, just like we each have different workouts that we enjoy.

We can also say that creativity is a blend of being human and being intentional.

International Creativity

That is; It’s a blend of genetics, environmental influence, and application. All of us are creative in diverse way diverse. But until we deliberately foster creativity through determination and hot pursuit to promote, it often lies dormant and begins to die slowly..

Though the scientific and creative communities tend to argue on either side of that proverbial fence. There hasn’t been any overpowering evidence to push the ball permanently to one side or the other.

You can be creative in different aspects as everyone’s ability differ from each other.

Hence, you can be creative in arts or creative in culture or creative in nature or creative in technology or creative in design and lots of other things. But in order to be creative, you need to be able to view things in new ways or from a different perspective. Among other things, you need to be able to generate new possibilities or new alternatives.

Tests Of Creativity:

Tests of creativity measure not only the number of alternatives that people can generate but the uniqueness of those alternatives. Further, The ability to generate alternatives or to see things uniquely does not occur by change. It is likened to other, more fundamental qualities of thinking. Such as flexibility, tolerance of ambiguity or unpredictability, and the enjoyment of things probably unknown at the moment

You must have heard someone say, “OMG – he’s so creative! I wish I was like that, he must be sooo talented” It makes it sound as if creativity is a natural skill like the ability to whistle, sing, dance and other things. At times you get to also hear people say they gonna take a course that’s going to make them creative or they’ll go learn from a boss or something of sort. And that! makes it sound as if creativity is a skill that anyone can learn. So, which is it? Well, It is kind of both!


Now what are the major types of creativity?

What is creativity and it’s major types. According to Arne Dietrich (2004) who has identified 4 different types of creativity with corresponding different brain activities. We have it as thus:

1. Deliberate and cognitive creativity;

This type of creativity that comes from sustained work in a discipline. Famous scientist Thomas Edison who is known to have created the first electric bulb was said to have failed at creating one many times. But still kept trying and working until he was finally able to get it because he was disciplined and didn’t count his inability as a failure…

One of his famous quotes: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”

Following this, In order for deliberate and cognitive creativity to be shed. You need to already have sound body of knowledge about one or more particular things. You find a new way of putting it down and making the knowledge into something useful


  1. Personal/Emotional creativity;


This type of creativity majorly has to do with personal problems like relationship problems and others. If you’re facing such problems and then you find a way out of those problems or you find a way of solving the problems then you can say you’re emotionally creative.


Eureka(sudden) creativity;

For this Type of creativity, if you’re given a huge task to perform but you have no idea or way of performing. Such task and you’re just getting sooo frustrated, then you decide to take a walk and on your way a thought just popped up in your mind and suprisingly. It answers you question on “how to perform the given task?” That is what we call Eureka creativity.


Spontaneous creativity;

This Type of creativity happens when you just find yourself in a situation where you just have to take a decision. Further, That is highly important and with little or no time at all to think about what you’re about to embark on. You just make any decision under pressure and most times such decisions may turn out successfully. That is spontaneous creativity…

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How can you be creative?

As the answer to “what is creativity?” Has been given we can see that ot is not all that can be artist, artiste, graphic designers, cooks or even dancers. But the professionals at it must admit that hardwork to talent in their work is a 9 to 1 ratio. You don’t have to be talented before you can be creative so I have put down ways through which you can be creative.

I’ll give just 4 ways you can be creative.

  1. Daydreaming

How can you be creative through daydreaming? Mind-wandering (daydreaming) is a unique ability that “allows us to learn, plan and reason in ways that no other species can.”

When you daydream, your mind is unconstrained, which gives you the ability to think wayy outta the box…When you daydream there are no limitations to what you are capable of doing and as at that time, you have the key to your mind and it is fully controlled by you.

When you daydream, that way you develop your creative self. Sometimes when we daydream we create full images and diagrams in our mind and even perform actions which at times we have never seen happening before

How can you do that? Spend less time doing things that add little or nothing to you like watching TV, Social media, But spend more time reasoning and also “Self awarenesss” is very important…


2. Playing Video Games

How can you be creative through playing video games .A research study done by Michigan State University scholars proves that there is a relation between video game playing and greater creativity.

But how do video games help?

  • Better concentration
  • Enhanced spatial skills
  • Better neural processing and processing efficiency
  • Brain changes that lead to behavioral changes
  • Improved performance
  • Increased problem-solving skills
  • Better social skills
  • Improved mood, greater inspiration, and self-esteem
  • Enhanced motivation and much, much more

It very well helps to increase our creativity!!!


3. Free your mind

 How can you be creative through freeing your mind.When your mind is occupied with different thoughts it never helps it just leads to mental and physical health issues, It ruins your focus and concentration and It makes you stressed out. IT KILLS CREATIVITY A LOT.

In order to boost your creativity you need to free up some space. Just like a mobile device, there’ll be no space for new things once the phone memory is full, the same thing applies to you!

  1. Discovering your abilities

  How can you be creative through discovering your abilities. You have to know what you find easy to do. Like graphic designers they find operating the computer and designing things very easy for them to do and If a person who has no knowledge at all about designing decides to try out some designs of his. It will never work out as good at that of those who have decided to pick it up as a skill and are very passionate about it.


Characteristics of creative individuals

After a lot of research on some of the well known creative people in this world, I was able to come up with this:

  1. They are very passionate about what they do
  2. Creative individuals tend to be smart and naive at the same time
  3. They are often quite and at rest but still they have a great deal of energy
  4. Creative individuals are often very creative when it comes to imaginations and fantasies
  5. Creative individuals often seem to harbor opposite tendencies.
  6. Hence, Creative individuals are remarkably humble and proud at the same time
  7. Generally, they are always thought to be rebellious
  8. Creative individuals are always independent
  9. They can be extroverts and introverts at the same time

Types of Creativity | Examples

Types of Creativity | Examples what is creativity

The most and very important elements of creativity are the overall process of different types of self-expression…

Creativity is also promoting to various level of every types of mental growth in children by providing different types of opportunities for experimenting with different types of new types of ideas, and new types of ways of thinking and every types of problem-solving.

So importance of Creativity in each and every level. and these are very effective to every prospect.

So Creativity is a major part for every level Just like: business, education, personal level and professional level Creativity Articles etc.


Creative Ideas | Creativity Examples

The Creativity is a various types of way of living life that every types of embraces of different types of originality and makes a different types of unique types of connections for a between seemingly and different types of disparate types of ideas. Hence,  Creativity is about overall living life and these are a various type of as a journey into different types of seeing and communicating with the extra-ordinariness of the simplest ways, for most and every day of every types of acts and Creative Ideas, Creativity Articles.


Importance of Creativity in Business 

The very Importance role of Creativity in each and every types of Business.These days Organizations today operate for every level in a highly types of competitive type of, global environment types of making creativity types crucial. In every level. Creativity is a big factor that use of every types of big ideas, every types of new challenges employees and different types of way of thinking, and these elements to opens the door for every types of two new business opportunities. In every area …for every business and we used Creativity Pdf.


Importance of Creativity in Society | Creativity Examples

So Creativity is very closely linked to different types of ability to solve every types of problems, to express ourselves freely in each and every area. And these reflect for every critically and achieve different types of personal fulfillment elements and different self-actualization. And these are the building to every blocks of a different types of society’s and social areas economic areas and political success creativity examples.


Importance of Creativity in Advertising | Types of Creativity

Creativity Importance in Advertising. There are large number of reason to show in every aspect why creativity is important in advertising. With a good visual types of effects and it will to be attract the target of every audience types of attention that creates interest for every level by establishing the feelings and every types of desire to bring about every action to purchase in every level and Types of Creativity.


 Creativity in Marketing | Concept of Creativity

Creativity is the most very most important elements for every types different success of a business level. In case of there is a high types of correlation between every types creativity and every types of success, so overall these are every Interesting, every new, every engaging ads will motive to consumers to every business and steel the brand recognition for every areas and concept of creativity


Importance of Creativity in Entrepreneurship | Importance of Creativity

So The major role of creativity in entrepreneurship. Creativity to explain the limits to the each and every mindset and Different types of skill to set off a different investor. So a very large number of a lot of people to be associate the creativity with the lack of skills and believe it can be use. so It’s no types of longer to takes a large number of crunching types of skills and different types of practicality to run a different type of every successful business.


Importance of Creativity of Essay in Organisation | Creative Ideas for Projects

So The Importance of every types of Creativity for every organisation Essay. So Nowadays in creativity and different types of innovation are becoming to every types of extremely types of important to the all success of all types of business organizations; in every level. because now a day they are facing every types of major changes in the each and every environment. …so in other hand, different types of creative thoughts do not keep a particular types of schedule.


What Is Creativity? | Business line

So these are very large number so of example to show every reasons for Importance of Creativity for each and every steps. So Creativity is major role to help each and every types of business life and personal life .in now these days Creativity a help every steps for create a many types of things and these are helpful for each and every area for creativity. So Creativity it’s very important things to help with the personal and professional life .and these are very effective to every steps for every moment. creativity is a major step to each and every minutes for business and personal level.

(Nidhi Srivastava)

And many other things which I won’t be listing here,,..


After this, I think you should really understand what creativity really is and what it entails……….



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