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Visiting Card Design

In a world of LinkedIn and professional Instagram pages, it might seem irrelevant to exchange a physical business card. Sure you can always just exchange contact information and e-mail but six months in future, what are the chances that they will search for you on their phones? Exchanging physical cards is a great way to create a lasting impression. If you want a business card that is going to leave a mark, then you need to get creative and that is why we have put some ideas on how to make creative business cards 

Use unique typography

Business card or visiting cards having unique typography is a very interesting way to grab attention. A unique text says that you have put thought in your cards and can make long-lasting impressions. 

3D Cards,

Three-dimensional cards add an extra element of creativity into your business cards. When it comes to 3D designs you always have a lot of options to choose from so designing your card becomes way easier. 

Minimalist Cards 

When it comes to design often times less is more. Taking a minimalist approach can give the impression that you do not like to waste time and want to get straight to the point. You know what’s important for your business and you focus on that.

Also, a clean minimalist design creates a feeling of sophistication.

The first impressions are last impression but most of the time your second impression is the one that end your story. Your visiting card is that antagonist in this story. So, always go for best and premium designs, check out few of mines.


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