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Text Post Vs Creative Post!! Which One Better for Your Business?

Text Posts

Text Post: Text posts are package of the bunch of posts under the available from the photos, audio, video, chat, different kind of links and quote also.

Under the Text posts have three main major elements are involving; like a different kind of title, a different kind of body and different kind of tags also. and these elements help to search for interesting content. Overall a text post includes different kind of format the text and the text links, pictures images or different of Web programming code also. But at the end of the focus is on your words.

Under the Text posts involve seven different post types available just like dashboard, along with photos, images, different kind of audio, videos, chat, quote and different link also. and these elements help for most of the blog.


Creative Post

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As we are using good thing see below:


Types of Text post

1: Table Database

2: Promotion Marketing

3: Anchor Text

4: Article Publishing etc.

  • Table Database:

In Table databases, overall is a set of Different kind of data different kind of elements (values) these are using a set of vertical columns and horizontal rows, and these cells and rows are Intersect. So basically A table has a particular number of different kind columns, but can have any number of different kinds of rows.

A Table database bunch of one or more tables in each and every steps.   Each and every table is made up of different kinds of rows and different kind of columns also. in case  If you think of a table as a framework the column go from left to right across the framework and each entry of data is listed down as a row for each and every steps.

Under the table involve two things and these things are most important element to help the represent the present framework. so these are

  1. One is columns
  2. And second is rows
  3. A) Columns

Columns are explaining to hold a particular type of data, and these types of such as dates, numerical form, or either textual form.  In the easy way of explain   a column is explaining by its different kinds of name and different kind of data type also. and these are data used from information stored.

  1. B) Rows

A table can bunch of zero or more then rows.  In case When there is multiple zero, it can be to be empty.  There is not a limit on the different number of rows a table can be still. so these type of table to represent a different kind of result.

2) Promotion Marketing


In Promotion marketing, present  to any type  different kind of marketing communication and these communication used to inform and target of overall audiences of the through segments  of a different kind of product, different kind of service, different kind of brand and  issue also.  The target of promotion is to be increase the awareness, the create overall person interest, generate increase level of sales or create product brand quality and loyalty also.

So overall Promotional materials can exist  in overall our daily life as a part of direct marketing, under this include different kind of  mail or email marketing  materials that include  different kind of coupons and offers also.  under this include  also  contests that motivate that the participation with a company, or different kind of product samples that are offer something very much  free to customers to generate their interest idea in the product. Promotions are also very common thing during live interactions between the customers and the salespeople also, they encouraging the purchase of additional types products.

Overall, the goal of any type of promotional marketing activity is to increase of awareness about an overall product or increase its overall appeal also.  Promotional marketing has the most of         “so overall advantage of being valuable to both of new customers and existing customers also.  so overall its present the overall company product loyalty.

Types of Promotion Marketing


  • Public Relation
  • Personal selling
  • Sales promotions
  • Direct marketing
  • Advertising marketing

3) Anchor text

Anchor text is the hint text in a hyperlink. anchor text to be relevant overall to the page you’re linking to, rather than common text. The blue, of underlined overall anchor text is the most common thing as it is the overall web standard, even although it is possible to change the color font and underlining with the help of html code.

So overall Anchor text is the visible form, clickable text basically it’s a link. It usually appears in a different kinds of colors than the surrounding most of the text and is basic kind of underlined. So overall Good anchor text present the reader what to kindly expect if they click on the different kind of link.  So overall Getting your anchor text right to be increases the chance of someone rightly clicking on your link, and helps overall the search engines by giving them overall context.

Kinds of Anchor Text

  • Different kind of related keywords
  • Different kind of Exact keywords
  • Generic Links
  • Matching Keywords
  • Branded links
  • Article title

4) Article Publishing


An article Publishing is a basically overall written work to be published in print form and electronic form.  so it’s a basically overall It may be for the overall  purpose of propagating news, research ideas results,  different kind of academic analysis, or data

Base also.

Types of Article Publishing

  • Blog
  • Marketing Articles
  • Portrait
  • Essay
  • Academic papers
  • Usenet Articles

creative post

About Creative Posts

Creative Post: Under the creative post involve different kind of social media post. and these social media content increase engagements and entertain audience.

Under the creative post include different kind of videos and audios.

Which Post are very Important for your Business Text Post vs Creative Post

Here we are discussing about the posts. so like which post are very beneficial to business. both post is very important in every phase for business purpose. But now I am explaining each and every point what are most important post to our business.

Text post its very simple thing. and these post are very important in every phase to our business. Now talking about text post they are explaining each and every segment about the business thoughts business ideas etc.  but in other phase creative post are most important according thing according to text post. with the help of creative post to explain your thoughts your ideas in each and every point.

One of the most powerful social media strategies a business can use to improve their business idea business thoughts and business message also. through Social media every business sector to help their major activity and promote the business image and business brand also.

In our daily life we are using large number of text post and creative most. in our text post just like; newspaper, books simple images without video and without picture also. so these are very important post but for business purpose these are not very much important. Just because through image and through video to be very easy to represent the company brand and company image also. although creative post is very helpful to promote the business purpose.

According to business prospectus both post is very essential but with the help of creative post to be very easy to promote the business things in each and every point.

So overall text post and creative post both are very essential elements. but now after explaining thing creative most its very helpful each and every step of business segment.

Types of Creative Post

  • Videos
  • Photo Images
  • Text
  • Blog Post
  • Motivation quote etc.

  • Video


Videos are most important element in each and every point. This element to be help for overall personal and professional life in each and every point.

In overall our surrounding area in different kinds of videos are most important form of educational or entertainment videos. These are very helpful in every step. The videos are share can be educational form, entertaining form, promotional form.  These are shown very helpful in each and very cases.

  • Photo Images

Through photo images everybody explain the reality of company and product brand image. These are very helpful to each and every cases. Although in this time photo images are very beneficial in each and every step to present the anybody thoughts and ideas.

  • Text


Overall it is very true that images are present a thousand of words, so overall never be demotivate the power of writing and writer also. just because every words explain thousands meaning.

In text form to be explain the different kind of thoughts, feeling and ideas also, and with the help of to be very beneficial in every step.

  • Blog Post

so overall a company blog where you share more types of insights and useful tips with your followers. And fans also. in case If you’re following a day to day schedule, and follow your blog posts into your social media strategy. so you can see the company followers each and every step. So over all blog post are very helpful for today and tomorrow life


  • Motivation quotes

Motivation  quotes work very  well for engagement because when some of  people see  and something that inspires them, something they can  feel and relate to, they immediately feel a and they actually spread the word. In front. so motivational quotes are very helpful to present the ideas and thoughts.


So overall both post is most of the interesting elements. and both elements are most important part in each and every step. in each and every area like personal life or either professional life also. text post is very simple element and these help are our daily life and professional life. And after that creative post are also most important element in different segment.


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