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Why Do I Like Pastel Colors | Pastel Colors Psychology?

Pastel colours are usually shades of colours. Only some white is added to a tone. Adding white not only raises the value but also changes the psychology. They are generally considered delicate, feminine and clean.

The word (pastel) in the field of colours is generally used when talking about paintings and usually implies a soft matte finish and pale colours (lighter, less saturated).

Well, in any design, it is intended to convey meaning, and obviously, that impacts people’s thinking and psychology. The reason why marketing always plays with colours, because it wants to play with feelings and thoughts of its consumers. So choosing the right colour for each case is very important.

All pastel colours

The pastel colour gives the feeling of being soft. They are in the part of the range of a celestial closer to the target.

Frequently, the colours with pastel shades are used to decorate children’s places since it is believed that these colours are not very strong and that due to their softness, they are calming for children.

Kuldeep Aggarwal is a professional graphic designer who is very sensible with the colours and the texture he uses. If you check his portfolio, you will find so many pastel colours on his designs. So check it, because you can learn a lot from him.

Therefore, next, we will show you a list of pastel colours as well as the different names that are used to refer to them:

Pastel colours list

There is a certain list of pastel colours, and it is as follows:

  • One, White + Blue = Light Blue.
  • Two, White + Greenish Blue = Aquamarine.
  • Third, White + Brown = Ocher.
  • Fourth, White + Orange = Salmon.
  • Fifth, White + Black = Gray.
  • Sixth, White + Ocher = Ivory.
  • Seventh, White + Red = Pink.
  • Eight, White + Purple = Lilac.
  • Nine, White + Green = Mint green.

pastel colours names

Colour always has a vibration, like music. Experiencing colour is an objective and subjective experience. Pastel colours evoke openness and relaxation.

Well, these shades are considered soothing and sometimes even equate with sanity. Pastel colours represent neutrality, and they are peaceful and soft.

The reason why neutral pastel colours are very appropriate for a room, a bedroom, a bathroom or an office: pastel green symbolizes safety, nature, development, evolution, birth and tranquillity.

Green has a profound emotional analogy with feelings of security. Pastel blue represents harmony and peace. For Feng Shu, pastel green represents family, nature and honour.

The cakes are less saturated than the primary colours, making them feel light, soft and soothing. They are always used in spring since they work well with neutral colours and creative sophistication.

The white colour used to achieve pastel represents clarity, innocence, cleanliness, spirituality, purity, hope, expansiveness and openness. It can also be sterile and detach.

Pastel colours background

If we use a pastel colour in any design, we must be very cautious with the image’s background. We must avoid exaggerated contrasts. However, it is necessary to notice a difference between the background and the pastel colour we use for our design. That does not mean that we cannot use the same colour. For example, we can use a blue for the design and a much lighter blue for the background colour. Or maybe, for example, we can use a pastel colour for our design and another pastel colour for the background, a little lighter.

Therefore, the combination of pastel background colours can be a good alternative. If you want, you can check on our website, and you will see that Aggarwal mainly uses several pastel colours backgrounds. You will learn a lot from him. I recommend you visit its designs to see how he uses the different colours and backgrounds.

Pastel colours shades

There are various shades of pastel colours. However, three tones are spectacular and very beautiful:


It takes years of fashion, it is expected, it is a beautiful colour. He reappeared in the world of vintage hand decoration, rescued from past times and revered. You can combine this hue with the following:

  • If you like the Nordic look, combine it with black and gray.
  • If you want more warmth, combine it with beige and mustard.
  • Combining it with other natural materials such as untreated wood or natural fibres enhances its greener side.


Did you know that rose quartz has been chosen as the colour of 2016? They have said it from Pantone, a worldwide colour authority. He deserves it because the pink in its softest varieties is romantic and relaxing. A gentle hug The perfect colour to decorate the walls and furniture of the bedroom. If you like this colour, try the Rosa Margarita de Bruguier, you can combine this hue with the following:

  • With white to gain luminosity and amplitude.
  • With pastel green: although they are opposite colours, their combination is romantic and very natural.
  • In small doses: if you want a moderate pink touch, choose fabrics with floral prints.


Blue transmits serenity (by the way, serenity blue is another of the colours of 2016), so it is perfect for rooms where you spend many hours or where you need to concentrate. Highlight a wall in blue, and it will be the center of all eyes; you can do it with paint or wallpaper, like here. In the company of white, it gains luminosity and fresh and summery air. You can combine this hue with the following:

  • Colours that kill your coldness, like toasted and beige tones.
  • With gray if, in addition, you want to give it a sophisticated air.
  • If you want pure calm, play degrading by combining turquoise with indigos and oil tones.

Pastel colours clothes

The good weather is ideal to start wearing the most beautiful pastel colours of the season, which has been going strong these months.

– Candy Type & Dye

This faded effect sweatshirt is the typical garment that goes entirely into your summer suitcase. It will give you warmth when it’s fresh with a touch of renewed youth.

– Frilly dress

Another essential summer, which this time is presented in a flattering coral colour.

– The most sought

The most wanted pants this spring is this high waist palazzo in pink. He had already swept networks before becoming famous, thanks to a stellar appearance on television.

– Color palette

 This pastel shirt might look cheesy at first sight, but it isn’t if you know how to combine it. It is a super-trend garment that you can adapt to your style with ease.

– Dress must have

In polka dots, with a retro drop and colourful colour: this is the fashion dress that is sweeping networks. You can choose the colour: pink, red, green, yellow.

Pastel colour personality

The theme of colours and emotional states that transmit us has great literature and numerous studies supporting this data. Colours affect our behaviour and our feelings. And even more, we all identify with some hue according to a particular character trait.

Take marketing companies as an example. Research on the impact of colours when buying more or less in a store, or producing a certain mood in customers, is almost irrefutable. For example, we will never see a black store. Warm colours such as greens and blues offer tranquillity and recollection. White offers breadth, and people feel more comfortable and optimistic, so it is used in hospitals. On the other hand, red can make us nervous, and it is better to use it as an alarm signal.

We must also take into account other data. The colours are part of what we call “a light spectrum.” Hence they are capable of transmitting certain types of energies depending on their wavelength.

I hope I was able to help you! if you want more updates then, please join us

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