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Is Graphic Designing a Good Career in India?

Graphic designing is a career that infuses innovation with technology and creates out the best possible services when given a chance. Graphic design is a promising career in a developing country like India. This is because multinational companies are flourishing, and there is a need for graphic designers to help those companies with branding, management etc. Career opportunities are increasing day by day. One should track the changes to know what is essential and what is not.


Graphic Designing is not a dying career. But as the population increases, many people have the same qualifications as graphic designers, which help them get the job. Thus opportunities are becoming significantly less for these kinds of professionals. This is because of the saturation of the market. Company owners are left with many choices and thus can hire people who are ready to work at meagre rates. However, graphic designing can still not be called a dying career as where there is a will, and there is a way.



Graphic Designing is a promising career for the future because there can still hope further for industrialization with increasing time. More career options can come up. And there can be several new advancements in gaming technologies and opportunities in website building which can add to a good source of income for graphic designers. So Graphic Design is a promising career for the future as the market is turning homogeneous in most places.


The job of a graphic designer is to create visual concepts by hand or my computer-driven software. A graphic designer’s primary work is to make a human thought presentable and understandable in front of a mass audience to utilize the idea. A graphic designer must have professionally acquire skills to make an idea presentable and understandable. The design career of a graphic designer can, however, vary from one to another. It depends on the place you are residing and the opportunities. A graphic designer’s job can be different, but mostly his work is organization and accumulation of data, facts, and ideas and present it beautifully. The graphic designer may get positions in advertising and public relations organizations. A graphic designer is also require in website building and management, especially in a company’s image-building process.

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The reason to get a graphic designer job is that they are generally train in one particular skill like either flash ng or gaming, or website building. Still, people nowadays want multi-taskers who can work for long hours for long wages providing a maximum profit. Thus it is tough to get a graphic designing nowadays. Moreover, internships students are ready to work at meagre wages and comprise almost the same skills as professionals. Thus it becomes complicated actually to get a graphic designing job in the present scenario.


Graphic Designing is the skill to make the outlook of the website app. It makes ideas more prominent and visible. Today graphic designers are require in every field as technological aspects nowadays are increasing. The history of graphic designing dates back to the time when India was under British Rule. Creativity was always persistent in the country. Even small-scale industries need designing experts. The growth of graphic designing started in the 20th century when people were designing advertisements, and later it turn into the computer-designed mode, which is call graphical Designing. Later this style became being initiate, and graphic design came into existence. Job opportunities for graphic designing are also increasing day by day. People who are in India can try for options in metropolitan cities in India. In India, cities like Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad have good opportunities for graphic designers.


There cannot be a stipulate or fixed salary range for a graphic designer in India. It depends on the company you are working in and varies from place to place. In India, it ranges from around 5K and goes up to lakhs if you work for a terrific company. Interns hire generally get a bit less, but the salary increases over time. A graphic designer’s salary in India depends on the type of company he is working in. If it’s a large-scale company, it will pay a graphic designer somewhere between 30,000INR, and it would go up with stipulate time. Everything depends solely on the experience and hard work one commits to the graphic designing profession after this.


The job of graphic designers varies on their expertise and the styles of graphic designing. There are several types of graphic design, like the corporate design in which brands and logos are design. Brand identity design, web designs, flash designs, creative art and layout designs are a few of the types of graphic designs that are very common now. A brand identity designer is generally a person who makes designs to promote or publicize the brand. These designers can be hired incorporate job vacancies too.

The main work of the creative art designer is to look after the effects and the designs of the particular brand. These persons can also take up the job of layout designers in several advertising agencies. A person who is interest in Graphic Designing can search for several working opportunities in Corporate and Advertising Brands. Graphic Designers are needed in places where logos of brands and design. This requires professional skills and uniqueness as each symbol has to be unique—one of the few places where graphic designers could search for jobs in York. The USA also provides good opportunities for people in this career.

It is all about a good career in the graphic design field. How you can choose a right career.



Written by: Subhechcha Ganguly


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