I'm confused about my future career what should I do?

I’m confused about my future career what should I do?

A lot of young folks are always confused about their future career.

What should I do? Is the salary big enough? | I’m confused??

There are a lot of choices. It also depends on your education and your skills. I will try to help you out through this process.

I’m confused about my future career what should I do?

Graphic designing is one of the choices we will be talking about.

What are the signs that will tell you that you can be a good graphic designer?

In this article we will be talking about your point of view so we will see words like (Me) (My) (I) (Future).

  • I need to have the ability to draw and sketch. As we mentioned previously graphic designing is a mix of the study of psychology and the visual art in my future career. You need to have the ability to create something that will grab immediate attention in my future career.
  • I need to have the ability to adapt to limitations. When you work for people, they may have different tastes and opinions so you may have to adapt to any limitations they will put for you in my future career.
  • I need to have an endless bank of creative and unique ideas. Graphic designing is not easy and it is very competitive in my future career.
  • I need to have good communication skills to lead the customer to the point he wants. To talk to the customer in a professional way to show your skills in my future career. It is very competitive in the graphic designing industry, so you need to have special communication skills in my future career.
  • I need to have great marketing skills. People come to you to create them a master piece so they can add it to their store, or website in my future career. I need to know what grabs the attention. What mix of colors and words that grabs the client’s attention?
  • I need to have a PC. It needs to be a well-equipped laptop with all the functions needed in my future career.

When I am beginner I won’t have much experience, but I need to have the desires to work hard as it is very competitive in the graphic designing industry in my future career.


What are the positive sides as working as an in individual graphic designer?

  • I can work at home. It’s a lot easier to work at home beside my snacks. It’s easier to work at home then going to an office every day and waking up early in my future career.
  • My salary is not fixed, when I work at home as an individual. I can either find no projects, or I can find a hundred projects. My salary is decided upon how much I work in my future career.
  • In any normal office work I would get the same salary no matter how hard I work. I I will getting the same salary.

We also talked in a full article about the salaries. Please go check it out for more information.

  • I am a creator, I see things into the world and bring them together in different compositions and creative works.

It is what makes graphic designing special.

 I take something that did not even exist and create it into something by your ideas.

You create a combination of things in this world by your own unique vision and style.

– I help bring joy to people. When it comes to graphic designing you turn something that is in our heads, into something that we can all see.

In the cyber world we are all undervalued. A lot of people we think we just grab some pictures and stick them together. When I create a logo I need to take thoughtful actions upon. I hear out the client, yours hear their vision, goals, what they do, what they need, what are their goals, their target market, and I funnel all that and create a professional brand image or into a logo. We have to work together to fight for our value, so people understand how hard it is to actually create a professional logo.

People who offer services for very low prices are the ones who make us undervalued. A few unprofessional kids offering services for very low prices. It makes us undervalued. I believe in minimum wages; it is you do it for the minimum wage or you don’t.

– One of the positive sides of graphic designing is that I develop a seen or you develop something that is in the world. That may help other people.

You can also read the book “designed everyday things”.

This books really show the graphic designing industry value. It talks about the things that is designed and made by graphic designers. How we effect the world by our work and effort.

It also says when you come up to a door when approach a door and you see a handle. What is your natural inclination?

Your natural inclination is to just pull the door, but so many designs in this world actually are created by graphic designers. Everybody would have known the fact to push the door, but no one would have noticed that a graphic designer actually worked hard to create that handle.

In graphic designing you create something that we can all imagine in our minds; but we can’t make.

We work hard to create what is in our imaginations.

I really hope I was able to help you on choosing wither you go through graphic designing or not.

Go through our previous articles for a lot of more advice.


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