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How to be a Creative Graphic Designer!

I know that a lot of you struggle with creating new and creative ideas every day.
In this article, I will help you with how to be a creative graphic designer.
Read the article to the end for the most benefit.

When you are a graphic designer in such a huge and competitive industry, you need always to improve and create unique content.

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Here are a few strategic ways that will help you on how to be a creative graphic designer.

Please note: This advice is for people who want to become very successful in their graphic design career. If you don’t care or want to work hard enough for it, please leave.

How to be a creative graphic designer tip number 1: History of designs:

You can’t do unique and innovative work unless you read about the great people in history that were in your place.

Hence, If you really want to master graphics. Designing, you need to read books about great people.
Not necessarily a graphic designer. Artists or engineers look at their styles, ideas, and creativity try to get creative and unique ideas out of it. Moreover, Books always help you on how to be a creative graphic designer. You need to study the concepts used. Different cultures in graphic designs. Different movements and ideas, where did they come from? It will always help you on how to be a creative graphic designer.

Here is an example of a great person who we call the “The father of graphic designs.”

Paul rand (1914-1996) was the father of graphic designs. The most recognizable post that he did was IBM. It has an iconic eye that resembles the i, a bee that resembles the letter B, and the M.


He is known as the person who lifted graphic designing to a whole new level.

You should go and buy books and read a lot more about the history of graphic designing.
Maybe you may get recognized one day, but don’t forget to mention that you got inspired by my blog. 😉

How to be a creative graphic designer tip number 2: Learn the fundamentals of designing:

Graphic designing is a mix of a little bit of science plus a little bit of art all mixed.
When you talk about graphic designing, you need to study the psychology of people.
It will help if you read psychology books on how do our brains work, what grabs the most attention. What colors and what shapes grabs immediate attention. Big companies work hard on grabbing your attention. Hence, They study how your brain works and function, and they try to grab your attention.
Some colours grab more attention than other colors. When you do a mix of different colours, they may grab the attention you want.

When it comes to art, you need to learn the basics of visual arts. It would help if you learned the different compositions, colors, different forms, and different materials used.

A new study says that people tend to pick colours to describe their mood, yet they choose different colours as their favourites.

– Red:
Studies show that red shows that people who choose the color red often show excitement, energy, passion, action, and strong desires.

– Orange:
People who choose orange as their favourite are usually optimistic, uplifting, fun, and often showndliness.

– Yellow:
People who chose the color yellow are their favorite they show happiness, often more enthusiasm, optimism, and show a lot more confidence.

– Purple:
People who choose the colour purple are very creative, energetic, and they are also loyal.

– Blue:
People who have chosen the blue color they show trust, honesty, authority, and intelligence.

– Green
People who have chosen green are most likely very hopeful.

Always try to read more a lot the brain psychology because it really helps.

How to be a creative graphic designer tip number 3: Learn to sketch:

Sketching is a highly under rated talent. Hence, Sketching is like drawing, but it is basically a freehand drawing that is not finished yet; It is usually drawn by a pencil.
A lot of designers would go and start trying on the computer. Which is a lot harder on the computer.

Try to take sketching courses, whether it is online or in your local course center.
It will help you create a super creative design.
It would help if you weren’t necessarily talented. Moreover, You should try random drawings and ideas. Sometimes and most of the time, the best way to start up a creative and unique idea is by starting with a pencil and paper. Just sketch out initial ideas. This allows you to get rid of the ideas that wouldn’t work for you straight away. You will know that before you dedicate any time using the PC.

(If you want a whole other article talking about tips on how to sketch, please mention it in the comment section)

Try to buy a cheap sketching kit and start working. As I said, it shouldn’t be necessarily good looking. It is to boost your ideas. It is hard to try out different shapes on your computer.

How to be a creative graphic designer number 4: Attend courses:

To improve yourself, go out there and take courses, go to a community college, study, and read more.
You can also try to study hard and earn a certificate degree.
Anything official would help you in your CV, and you may include it in your portfolio.

Try to always learn more about people’s tastes and what they like. Hence, Learn from your teachers. It is never too old to learn.

Education is the greatest gun which you can habit to change the sphere.

Education is the ID to the upcoming, for tomorrow goes to those who make for it today.

There is no excuse for not getting educated.
Courses are everywhere. Further,  You can find them everywhere, starting from $0.00-$300.
Further, Today’s technologies gave you no excuse.
As there is available all kinds of free courses.
You can also get an online teacher who can teach you how to be a creative graphic designer and develop your own ideas.
(We also had a whole article talking about the apps you should use for your online courses, you can check it out.)

How to be a creative designer tip number 5: Design all the time:

Moreover, This method is super simple. JUST DESIGN, design all the time. Hence, Try different styles, different themes, and different structures.
Try everything that goes into your mind. Try new ideas, and if they are good save them for future projects.

Hence, Practising also improves your skills, and it will help you get done with your project faster.
Practice is the repetition of an action with a goal of improvement. Moreover, It also helps us preform with more ease, speed, and confidence. Practising any particular thing will help you really help you.

You can also offer your friends free designs for their businesses; it will help you practice, and at the same time, it will help them and your effort won’t demolish. Volume is goanna make you get better.

Train your body to feel what your mind sees.

I really recommend practising graphic designing and sketching every day. It gives you more and more unique, special, professional, and iconic ideas. Further, It also really helps in your portfolio; because you are free to do whatever you want without any limitations or specific requests.
It makes your mind a lot more flexible.

How to be a creative graphic designer tip number 6: Get feedback:

Hence, It would help if you got feedback on your work. Moreover, Feedback is valuable information that will be used to make important decisions that will help you change your business for the better. However, All the top companies search for feedbacks. Further, Some companies even PAY people for their feedback.

Show the work you do, or show your portfolio and ask for feedback everywhere.

Get out of the family circle; your family will most likely give you good or overrated feedback. Show it to your friends; friends will most likely give you honest feedback.
You can also post it on Facebook groups and ask for people’s feedback.
Further, Show it to business owners, see if they like it.

-Always read it carefully.
-Ask for clarification and explanation.
-For suggestions of ways you may modify or changes your mistake.
-Accept it very positively.
-Respect and thank the person that is giving the feedback.

Feedback is important because it helps you find out your mistakes, and fix them.
Moreover, Some people would get mad over a bad feedback; but you should listen carefully and try to change from your work than just getting angry over someone not liking your work.
Also ask for suggestions, not only feedbacks.
Suggestions will help you find change.

Hence, You can also get a mentor. Further,  A mentor will get help you get through everything smoothly.
A mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser.

Here are elements every mentor should have:

– Coaching:
A professional mentor should have the coaching and teaching skills to get you through the right path.

– Director:
The right mentor for you should direct you to what you desire and help you make your own successful career.

– Successful:
If your mentor is not successful, then how can he teach you.

– Adviser:
A mentor should be able to advise you to the fullest and give you his special tricks.

– Goal:
The mentor should help you know your goal so you can target it perfectly.

– Motivation:
Your mentor should always be able to inspire you. He should be able to help you get through it.

Your limitation—it’s only your imagination.

Drive yourself, as no one different is successful, to do it for you.

How to be a creative designer tip number 7: Copy your heroes:

Whoever it is your are inspired to copy them.
Hence, People who inspire you will help you.
It could be your mentor. Further, It could be a successful person you know, or it could be a great and appreciated person mentioned in the graphic designing history.

Here are some graphic designers we should appreciate:

David Carson:
He is an American designer, he is known for his experimental work.

You should always experiment and try new things. Moreover, I said try to sketch as you need it to try new things, even if it is weird or unusual.

Find the people you think have unique work that goes with your style. Try to copy it and try to make similar designs.

– Neville brody
London born Neville Brody is fine recognized for his effort on The Look quarterly and Arena.

How to be a creative designer tip number 8: Consume inspiration:

Gather inspiration from anything and everything.
Gather ideas voraciously from anything.
Carry a sketchbook and draw anything that you think will look cool or unusual for a logo.
Even if it is a cup of water.
Tear things from magazines and draw them and add them to your sketchbook. Further, Cut from the newspaper.Hence, Collect different book covers, pictures, designs. Gather photos from printest. Gather from all over the internet. It will always inspire you.

Further, It will always help you to create an idea.
Maybe you can combine designs and create an iconic and one of a kind design.

How to be a creative designer tip number 9: Think conceptually:

Design is mainly focused and creating new ideas. Design is an art that has a job to do. You need to think of the concept behind your work.
It will help if you put a story behind your work.
What is the purpose of your work?
Hence, What emotions or vibes does your work give?
What kind of action is it supposed to precipitate?
Always think of the concept and the story behind your work not only how it looks.

How to be a creative designer tip number 10: Think Strategically:

Just like thinking conceptually, thinking strategically is thinking about your viewer.
Further, What is the action you want your customer or viewer to take after they see your design.

Think of the strategy behind your work.
Put yourself in the viewer’s place and think strategically to get the best design that would grab the attention you need.

Do you Want to become a creative graphic designer. Hence, here are tips to become a creative graphic designer and the skills and knowledge required to achieve the goal.

I really hope I was able to help you!





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