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Is Graphic Designers in Demand | Graphic Designer Salary?

Let us understand what the profession of graphic designing is. Graphic designing is the representation of an idea in an interesting and attractive way to the audience. A Graphic designer also has to make sure that the text is understandable easily. With the digitalization taking place and the number of companies and employers increasing; Yes, graphic designers are definitely in demand. Before we proceed further let’s understand what demand is. Demand can be described as the necessity or requirement of people possessing a particular trait. The demand of graphic designer keeps on changing from time to time.

Demand for graphic designers 2018

The demand of graphic designers has increased from 23% to 65 % according to the surveys. This shift happened as big companies and advertising agencies started hiring graphic designer for several works. They needed graphic designers for designing logos. Graphic designers were hugely required in gaming agencies. Most importantly the demand of graphic designers in advertising agencies began rising. The demand of graphic designers thus increased with rise in employment sectors.

Graphic designer salary

The graphic designer’s salary in India can have a wide range and can vary from anything in between 5000 INR to Lakhs per month. The salary depends mostly on the organisation you are working with, their demands and the magnitude of you suiting their requirements. Employers also pay you a nice amount if you increase your skills in graphic designing by doing several professional courses and have a good experience.

What does a graphic designer do?

Uniqueness is the main word which can describe the work of a graphic designer in the corporate houses in the industry.              The graphic designer’s work is to look after and sought the ideas. Then he or she needs to use his creativity. A graphic designer uses the professionally acquired skills to encode and deliver a message in the most attractive and understandable way to the audience. The work of the graphic designer indeed increases sales.

What do graphic designers make?

The work of graphic designers is different from one to another. There are specific graphic designers for designing logos. There are graphic designers those who specialise in advertisement and other possible details. Corporate graphic designers are generally different from the graphic designers who are involved with gaming .Their work statistics differ and so does their perspective and aim of the job.

Graphic designer job

The job of a graphic designer is to create visual concept by hand or my computer driven software. A graphic designers main work is to make a human thought presentable and understandable in front of a mass audience so as to utilise the idea. A graphic designer must have professional acquired skills to make an idea presentable and understandable.

Graphic designer job description:

The job outlook of a graphic designer varies. A graphic designers job can be different but mostly his work is organisation and accumulation of data, facts and ideas and present it in a beautiful manner. The graphic designer may get jobs in advertising and public relation organisations. A graphic designer is also required in website building and management and specially in the image building process of a company. 

Graphic design job outlook 2019:

The graphic designing job outlook had changed from 2018 with an increase in opportunities up to 10 %.This is because of multinational companies setting up bases in the country. The opportunities and types of cases are also increasing and there was a shift in requirement of people with specific skills which are found in graphic designers. Basics of programming, creativity, grasping power, speed and credibility are some of the major factors a graphic designer can inherit. Adding to that unique composition of designing skills is a must. The requirement of graphic designers however shifted to 80 %.

 Graphic design oversaturated

With multitasking coming into the market and people trying to be advance they have started learning skills on sites, through professionals and also personal relations. This has resulted in a wide range of supply of graphic designers in the market. The demand is comparatively low and the new graphic designing interns are willing to work more with a very less amount of money. Thus the saturation point is arrived and no market space is left.

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