graphic design salary graphic design salary in india graphic design salary in usa graphic design salary in dubai careers in graphic design salary senior graphic designer salary in india what is the starting salary for a graphic designer graphic design salary in Mumbai

Graphic Designer Salary

Graphic Designer Salary

I’m sure you like being a graphic designer. But let’s not fool ourselves, everyone likes to live well. Many people have goals during their lifetime, which require an economic investment, either over time or at a particular time. Therefore, although you like your job, you want a living wage that compensates you for what you are doing. In addition, if it is well paid, you will be even more motivated to do your job correctly.

Graphic designer salary in India

Imagine you live in India. How much does a graphic designer earn in that country? A freelance graphic designer in India earns approximately Rs. 90,000 – Rs. 525,000 However, that figure varies. It is not a fixed salary. Well, it will depend on the fate and ability of each person when it comes to collecting a salary. It will depend on whether you are a junior or senior designer. Well, there is a big difference, because experience and knowledge have a price in the market.

Junior graphic designer salary in India

A junior graphic designer has a salary of approximately Rs. 90,000 – Rs. 600,000 every year. Not bad to start your professional career, right?

Senior graphic designer salary in India

A senior graphic designer can earn from Rs. 180,000 – Rs. 800,000 Obviously, we are talking about almost double the average salary. Well, it’s normal. A graphic designer is paid for his creativity, for his effectiveness, for his design knowledge. Well, an overly prepared person with a great career, no doubt, will have developed his creativity much more than a junior designer. On the other hand, graphic design is also a matter of practice. Currently, most designers use software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, among others. Well, those people who have spent more time in the sector, will surely handle these programs, much more efficiently and effectively.

India is a very large country; therefore, their salaries change depending on the place or city where you are.

Graphic designer salary in Mumbai

According to (, a Graphic Designer in Mumbai earns an average salary of Rs 300,865 per year.

Graphic designer salary in Bangalore

The average salary of a graphic designer is RS 450,176 in Bangalore, India. However, that price fluctuates and is not the same for all graphic designers or for all areas of the city. However, we see that the average salary is similar to that of other cities in India.

Graphic designer salary in USA

We are talking all the time about India, which is a country with enormous economic potential. However, we are missing the most important country in the world, the largest economy, the USA.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary of 2016 for graphic designers was $ 47,640. However, there is definitely room to grow, with high-income positions available and the top 10 percent of designers earn more than $ 82,000 annually.

Graphic designer salary in India (Quora)

However, if you do not consider the information mentioned above enough and you want to know the salary of a graphic designer in other parts of India or in other countries, I recommend a website called Quora. Surely you already know her, but for those who don’t know her yet, I highly recommend her. Well, it is a website similar to a forum, where anyone can ask something and thousands of users around the world who use this website, can answer the question. It is a website that is of great help to those who have a question, whose answer is difficult to find on the internet, or from which the information found can be unreliable. Therefore, Quora is a fundamental website to answer all those questions that you cannot solve in other media.

Careers in graphic design salary

Surely you have wondered if it is worth studying a career in graphic design or a career in which graphic design is taught, according to salary. Well, the world of graphic design is very complex and tends to grow in the coming years and decades. Technology is growing at a spectacular rate, which is why many jobs will disappear. However, there is something that machines will hardly be able to achieve. We are talking about people’s creativity. Well, graphic design implies a huge creativity that is gained with experience. In addition, if many jobs disappear, those that remain will be much more paid. In addition, today, most people work hard not only to get a job, but to start their own business. Well, the number of entrepreneurs does not stop growing. Today, most projects are sold over the Internet and there is nothing better able to capture customers than good web design and good marketing. Well, in that field, it is where graphic designers have a niche market. No matter the sector to which that new business belongs, every business need, today, to sell properly through the internet.

Old : Graphic Designer Salary

When any person chooses any field as a career then the most important thing he or she focuses on is the salary or income he should earn from his career. If you want to make a career in graphic design field and want to become successful graphic designer, then before thinking about the salary, you need to check whether you have the required skills or not. Because your salary totally depends on your skills. To become a successful graphic designer, you must be creative. You should have good communication skill to understand the client’s need. You should have good knowledge of latest tools required for designing like Adobe, Illustrator, Photoshop etc. You should also have the little bit knowledge of PowerPoint, Typography, Photography, CSS and Web Design. With all these skills, you can make successful career in Graphic Designing. And the graphic designer salary is totally depending on his/her success.

Graphic Designer Salary in India 

While working for any company or agency, Graphic designer salary in India depends on the Freelancer Location, Level of Experience and Type of Graphic Design Work. Graphic designer salary varies from location to location. If you are working in metro city like Bangalore or Delhi for a reputed company, then your salary is higher than the person working for an agency in a small city. Graphic designer salary in India also varies with your Experience. Higher the experience, higher will be your salary. The third important factor is what type of design you are going create i.e for branding , for website ,for printing or for any other purpose. The graphic designer salary also depends on reputation of the employer. It means if you are working for “xyz” local company as a graphic designer then your salary is defiantly less than a graphic designer working with say “L&T”, or “Microsoft”. According to the study, average graphic designer salary in India is nearer to 3 Lakhs per annul.

The freelance graphic designer salary or earning in India is in between 90K to 525K. Again, it depends on experience and location. Freelance graphic designer can charge per design or per hour basis also. Average Per hour charge of freelance graphic designer is 480 Rs .

Junior Graphic Designer salary in India

A junior graphic designer is typically works in art departments or works as part of a creative design team. The Junior graphic designer is either a fresher or has less experience mostly 1-2 years or less than that. Most of the time, the junior designer is assigned to work as part of a design team that reports to a senior designer or manager.

To work as a junior graphic designer, a person requires a post-secondary education or any graphic design course and training in the field. Some employer only prefers a person with some bachelor or associated degree in Art or Design. Persons looking for a job of junior graphic designer will normally be required to be fluent in utilizing computers and graphic design tools in the creative process.

According to study, the average junior graphic designer salary in India is in between 228K per annul. Again the salary is higher for NID or MIT like reputed instate passed out student than the small institute passed out freshers. The freshers passed out from any reputed institute like NID can get salary up-to 500-600K per annul.

Senior Graphic Designer salary in India

A graphic design teams is the group of members who create drawings, backgrounds, lettering, or other original graphics for commercial purposes. A senior graphic designer is mostly the leader of such design teams.  A senior graphic designer may have one or more junior graphic designers and other supporting persons with him or her.

To work as a senior graphic designer, a person must have an experience working in this field at junior or freelance levels. While working as a senior graphic designer, person should create creative design to meet specific marketing or promotional needs. He May lead team of junior graphic designers. He should achieve decorative or artistic effects to meet the goal with the help of advance designing tools.

According to study, the average senior graphic designer salary in India is 500K per annul. Again the same factor applies, It means the senior graphic designer salary depends on location, type of work and their expertness in the field.

To conclude we can say that if you are a person with creative mind and you are looking for a career in Graphic design field then you are on the right track. You will have the great career in graphic design field. But to take the benefits of your experience and your skills, it is necessary that you keep your knowledge up-to-date.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is nothing but an art of creating visual content to communicate one’s messages. It involves a creative and systematic plan to solve a problem or accomplish certain objectives, with the help of pictures, symbols, shapes or perhaps words. It is the visual communication and therefore the aesthetic expression of concepts and ideas using different graphic components and tools.

What a graphic designer Do?

Graphic designer creates visual ideas, using computer software or by hand, to communicate concepts that inspire, inform, and attract customers. They develop the overall layout and production style for numerous applications like, advertisements, brochures, magazines etc.

Graphic Design as a Career

If you want to choose graphic design as a career, then you have two options

  1. You can work as a graphic designer for any company or agency
  2. You can work as a freelance graphic designer

Both have its own pros and cons. But here we are going to basically focus on their salary or earning.


Before Details : Have you ever thought of working as a graphic designer?

Graphic Designer Salary in the India

Well, I am here to help you decide whether it is worth your time or not for Graphic Design Salary!

What is the definition of Graphic designing? Graphic Design is defined as the process of visual communication which combines words, images, and ideas to present the information to the audience.

The Graphic Designer Salary depends on each person’s taste.

Some people work for private companies which are paid with a fixed amount for Graphic Designer Salary.

Some other people work individually on Upwork, Fiverr, and freelance applications and using online advertisements as a Graphic Design Salary.

  • But Graphic Designer Salary in the category.
  • really varies on your years of experience.
  • It also depends on your education, and personal taste after that you can design how much salary you can get as a graphic designer salary.

A Graphic Designer Salary differ from a place to the other.

Let’s start by talking about Graphic Design Salary in India

Graphic Designer Salary in India is a low paying country comparing to the average pay wage in other countries.

Graphic Designer Salary in India contains a lot of skilled Graphic Designers salary, and it is very competitive especially in India.

Everybody is willing to work for the least Graphic Designer salary in India possible due to low average salaries.

  • A fresher from a premiere designing school like NID-MIT ID-IDC you would start by about three to seven lakhs per year of graphic designer salary in Indie so which is about 4300 to 10000 USD per year.
  • It is considered pretty good comparing to other graphic designer salary in India.
  • Graphic Designer salary in India increase gradually after years and years of experience.
  • Experienced people that graduated from premiere designing schools like NID-MIT ID-IDC would get paid up to +14 lakhs per year which is about 20000 USD. Seniors can get a lot more or less than it. Graphic Designer Salary in indie’s All depends on experience.

The average is Rs 800k per year which is about 11000 USD per year.

The average pays for a Graphic Designer Salary in India that has a few years of experience and work for a private company gets paid a fixed salary gets paid about Rs 258,560 per year which is about 3700 USD per year.

What is graphic designers?

Graphic designers are use different types of color, different types of illustrations, different types of fonts, and different types of layout to visually types of communicate a different type of message or types of present a different types of product.

They involve a different types of design types of logos, different types of product packaging, and different types of print types of materials, and different types of various types of websites, and among many types of other types of Graphic designers. a designer may be different types of employed as in-house types of staff for a various types of a company to work on promotional activities materials for every designer.

Or a designer might work for a design agency with many types of clients and many types of projects. Overall different types of Newspapers, overall different types advertising firms, overall different types of technology-oriented companies, and other organizations commonly every types of employ every types of designers.

Additionally, many types of graphic designers are different types of self-employed, and every types of working areas as independent types of contractors on a every types of per-project basis.

graphic design often is overall deadline types of driven, overall different types of designers frequently types of work long types of hours. Most of these different types of graphic designers specialize in one or two or three areas, such as different types of print, different types of web design, different types of poster types of design, or different types of corporate identity.

Most of the all types of Graphic designers are not always required to have completed any types of every types of specific types of education, though it is common for every types of designers to hold degrees from a different type of art or school or other different types of undergraduate overall institution.

They must have overall different types of knowledge of different types of design elements, such as different types of color different types of overall typography, and different types of composition, as well as the overall different types of artistic sensibility to effectively use every types of elements.

Graphic designers need excellent types of communication skills and be able to show overall effectively types of present types of ideas visually and verbally to internal types of stakeholders, overall different types of clients, and different types of intended audiences.

The Creative Group 2019 difference of Salary Guide, the various types of midpoint starting over their salary for every types of graphic designers is $55,000, with the overall ever types of higher end of and every types of starting compensation types reaching $83,250.

Overall Keep in mind that every types of candidate’s all experience level and every and each location can impact overall starting salary. So overall Use our Salary Calculator to find that every out what a graphic designer can earn in your city.

In addition, these salary negotiation tips, including advice on how to handle questions about your expected graphic designer salary, can help you when interviewing.

We have discussed Graphic Design Salary in India.

  • Now let’s mention Graphic Design Salary in USA

The USA is one of the highest paying countries for an average person in other countries.

One of the biggest business countries.

It is the “to go to location” for the biggest companies on the planet. That gives potential for more designers to get involved.

If you graduated from a good arts college like Arizona State University, and got hired in a good paying private company you would get paid starting from 12500 as a fresher to +120000 USD per year. Will increase gradually after years of experience and hard work.

Seniors are paid about 60000 – 90000 USB per year.

  • Now let’s go straight to Graphic Design Salary in Dubai

Dubai has average paying wages. Not too low and not too high.

Dubai is a great country with a lot of companies, that want to start their businesses.

Which adds more potential to get more jobs.

An average graphic designer that works for a private company would get earn about 85000 AED per year which is about 24000 per year Someone with a senior and higher education certificates would earn up to 150000 AED per year which is about 40000 USD per year.

How can I increase my salary if I work for a private company?

  • Improve:

Try to improve yourself. Always improve, try to prove yourself in front of everybody.

Every day is a new chance to learn a lot more than you have ever learned.

  • Further degrees:

If you work for a private company. Degrees are a very important factor for your success.

Salaries ABSOLUTELY differ from one degree to the other.

  • Document in your achievements:

The key to success is to write your goals you want to achieve in life.

Keep a log of your quantifiable accomplishments.

That way you have concrete results.

Also, record the skills you acquire and make sure to consistently update your resume.

  • Make your boss happy:

Always try to make your boss happy.

Make his work easier, it helps when you ask for a promotion.

  • Push beyond:

Always ask for more in front of your HR.

Even if you are not going to get raised or earn any bonuses yet! It just gives them a background about how hardworking and dedicated person you are.

“If you believe in yourself and have enough dedication and pride — and never quit, you’ll be a winner” (Paul Bryant)

  • If you think you have enough experience, and the money for it.
  • Why not open YOUR own private?
  • You can hire your own employees.
  • Open your own business. It is not easy but if you work hard and enough for it you will reach your goals.
  • It needs two main investments, time and money.

*Stay tuned for a future article on how to create your graphic designing company*

Well, if you will be working individually your increasing salary will totally vary on several things. 

Your Portfolio: 

  • When you work individually and online at home.
  • Your education certificate won’t be the main concern.
  • A portfolio for a freelancer is a very important factor for his success. It shows your talent and skilled work. It is what creates his loyal customer base.

How can I take care of my portfolio?

  • Try to master every single order you were paid to do, so you can add it to your master piece collection.
  • Try to add only your strongest pieces.

Create it with the best way possible. Use my ways that i already mentioned previously to create an amazing, and well done portfolio.

Your reviews & feedback: 

  • Your reviews whether you own your own website, or if you work on fiverr, upwork, or any freelancing applications is what builds trust.
  • People would prefer high reviews.
  • It gives trust to your customer that is taking a look at your gig.

How can I take care of my reviews?

  • Reviews are gained by satiated customers that’s why always try to make your customers very satisfied at all times.
  • Ask your customer to send you a feedback or recommend you to people after each, and every order. You can also give him a discount for recommending your portfolio to other business owners.

Your work hours: 

  • When you work at home you don’t have fixed hours you have to work each and every day.
  • when you work individually your salary depends on how much time you invest into your projects.
  • How much detection, hard work and effort you put into what you desire.

How many hours should I work each day? 

  • Your work hours should depend on how many orders you get. Try to give your absolute best to each and every order.

Your rate: 

  • When you work individually you are free to charge whatever you want.
  • It really differs, some people could work more cheap hours, and some people could work fewer hours, but in higher rates.

Many people ask: What is the best rate for Graphic designing?

  • Well, in my opinion, you should start the conversation by asking where the customer is from. Your rate should absolutely depend on the country. Due to differences in average salaries.
  • Also you could ask the customer what their budget is, and try to negotiate from there is their budget is too low.
  • If the customer can’t afford your rates try to let them divide payments on a few weeks. Just make sure that you can trust them that they are going to pay.

Your customer base: 

  • When you work each and every day.
  • Searching and trying to target your audience.
  • You meet new people, some may be interested and some may not.
  • You should target a certain, and very specific audience. To create your loyal customer base.

How can I build a strong customer base?

  • Always try to find and target long-term businesses. Long-term businesses are created through trust.
  • Try to be super honest and direct about everything.
  • Try to provide the most amount of revisions a possible in your packages. People show higher interest when you provide more revisions.

What if I just read your article and I wanted to start my freelance business now how can I start?

Stay tuned for more information about in further articles.

India is a vast country with many career opportunities besides medical and engineering and if

“graphic designer” is what you have decided to be then you have come to the right place.

How to be a Graphics designer?

To become a graphics designer there are mainly two different ways-

  • You attend a design or an art school like NIFT or Perl. These institutes offer various degree courses on graphic designing and other types of design work. Depending on your skills you may also get a job right after college from campus placement.
  • You do a certified course form a design institute like MACC or you do an online course. These institutes do not offer jobs right after the completion of the course but you can certainly apply in different companies as to when it comes to graphic designing or any artistic job it all comes down to your skills


What are some prime institutes for Graphics designing?

  • 1-NID (National Institute of Design), Ahmedabad
  • IDC, IIT Bombay
  • Pearl Academy, (Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur)
  • NIFT, Delhi
  • MAEER’S MIT Institute of Design, Pune
  • Kuldeep Aggarwal (I’m going to open as institutes for free people)

What are the Necessary Qualifications for Graphics Designer?

There are as such no necessary qualifications to become a graphic designer as we said earlier it is your skill that matters most. But a basic graduation degree always looks good on the resume as it might be a deal breaker if you apply in a huge MNC.

Career in Graphics Designer-

There are mainly two types of graphics designers. They are-

  • Corporate graphic designer
  • Freelance graphic designer

A corporate graphics designer is a person who works for a particular organisation dealing with the same kind of clients with a monthly fixed salary. If you work with a company that creates logos, then you will always be making logos for different clients. The main advantage of being a corporate designer is that you never have to worry about getting clients or have money problems as you would always get your salary no matter whether you are getting clients or not

As a freelancer, you would have to find work on your own. The main advantage of being a freelancer is that you get to work with a variety of clients and there is potentially no cap as to how much you can earn. The better the clients you get the more you can earn.

What are the Salary prospects for Graphics Designer?

The Salary prospects for Graphics Designer can also be broken into two parts. Corporate designer and freelancer.

As a corporate designer fresher you will start between 15000 – 25000 per month depending on your skill and job location. Bigger cities like Delhi and Bangalore will have a higher pay then let’s say a city like Varanasi. Of course, as you gain more experience with the time you pay grade will also increase.

As a freelancer as we said earlier, there is no cap. Depending on the type of clients you will find you can earn between 50-1000$ per month.

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Always remember that hard work never fails you! 

I really hope that I was able to help you!

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