Graphic Designer Resume

Graphic Designer Resume

What is a graphic designer resume

as every designer knows that resumes are very important thing? For your job if you are very creative graphic designer and you made a simple resume as like fresher’s resume then your impression will be bad front of interviewer because first they analyse from your resume which type person you are, he has creativity or not that’s why first your resume will be unique different because you are graphic designer and as you can see my resume it is different and unique nobody has this type of resume first I made it.

Graphic Designer Resume

  • Graphic Designer Resume Template

A graphic designer resume template is a simple one-page document where you will provide all the necessary information that a client or company may need. These pieces of information include your contact details, about me, education, experience, skills and summary.

  • Graphic Designer Skills

A skill list for a graphic designer will include skills like

  1. Be a master in Photoshop, illustrator & design
  2. Being familiar with HTML gives you an edge over the other
  3. Recently UX/UI designers are being in demand so adding this skill can be very useful.
  4. having skills like photography, typography shows that you are a creative person and have an eye for detail.

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  • Graphic Designer Resume Objective

Any person during an interview will read your objective before he decides to go through the rest of your resume. The objective section in your resume should contain information like

  1. Creative professional with X amount of experience in designing, Photoshop etc
  2. Seeking employment as a creative designer for the benefit of X company
  3. Experienced with the latest trends and software
  • Freelance Graphic Designer Resume

The difference between a normal and a freelance CV is not very monumental. The skills and education section are the same. what change is objective? In objective, you can write like-

  1. Meet with clients either in person or online to provide with the best of services.
  2. Advice clients on the best strategies
  3. Ensure 100% customer satisfaction with up to 3 free corrections and redoes.


  • Senior Graphic Designer Resume

The main difference between a fresher and a senior is the experience. When you build your resume as a senior graphic designer you have to highlight how many years you have worked, where all you have worked and if some of your projects are online then links to those projects.

  • Junior Graphic Designer Resume

As a junior graphic the one point that you should highlight is that under whom you have worked and in which company. As a junior rather than your work experience what matters is from whom you have learned.

  • Web Designer Resume Objectives

Most of the details in a resume remain constant like education, skills etc. The objective section is the one which changes according to the type of work you are doing. Below are some objectives you can use as a web designer.

  1. Highly skilled web designer seeks opportunities at X company.
  2. Full stack developer
  3. Comfortable with HTML, JAVA (or any other language you may know)
  • Graphic Designer Resume Sample
  • Freelance graphic designer resume sample
  • Web designer resume sample


Graphic design is the art of accumulation of data and presenting in the most attractive manner to appeal to the audience. A resume has to mention all the necessary requirements of the skills of the graphic designer so as to keep in consideration what to work at and how to continue the work. Let us understand one particular thing a fresher in graphic design would generally write a curriculum vita because resume is written when a person is going to resume any particular job.


A graphic designer resume should contain the following details in it. The previous work experiences, expertise and the skill learnt should be executed. A graphic design template should also have the mention of professional skills learnt if any and why the candidate should get hired for a specific post in the job. A resume should also include their unique proposition which shall be different from others. Something which would actually differentiate your resume and would make it best out of the rest.


The objective of the resume of a graphic designer is to highlight the potential and skills of that particular field. Objective is what aims towards getting a job. Resume is the combined works and projects that one has done throughout the learning period to show and mark their actual skills and interests. To built a graphic designing resume from scratch one needs to actually include work samples and provide all related details about it. Press and testimonials examples should be maintained .We can also add practise projects and in turn work about our education. The preference of type of work you are seeking should be maintained however that should not come out as the only working idea. A person should always search for examples from experienced sources if he is going to begin graphic designing from the scratch.


Freelance graphic designer resume should have the same contents. Only as a freelancer the graphic designer should also focus on providing proper samples of work so as to generate interest in the minds of the people. However everything should not be revealed as it results in lack of interest.


One can properly understand something if an example is provided to that person. Thus this example would make the person understand better about the ways to write a resume.


An intern or a graphic designer becomes a senior graphic designer when he gains experience in a specific field .The person has to maintain the portfolio constantly and it becomes an addition if they keep on learning new courses and skills to upgrade their knowledge with the current market scenario.


A graphic designer resume must contain the things as mentioned above. This can also be showed by few examples that we can find in this article. Resume is actually an application which will inform you why you should get this job and most importantly the details. The reasons for leaving the previous job should also be mentioned. This is done to maintain credibility. It would be better if you are able to provide your reference or people’s views opinions and client satisfaction letters on your works.


The graphic design resume should include a few things .Those mandatory things include the contact details of the person which should be available and is mostly very important if any company wants to approach for further information. Followed by that the resume of a graphic designer should also contain a combination of the best works including the best working assignments. The experience is also a key factor which should not be neglected in the resume. Some unique ideas should be given however everything need not be unfolded as it makes the employer lose interest in the skills of the particular person. The resume must also include details of all the assignment done and most importantly every small details about each job done. This would help the employer to get an insight about your experience. Finally the reason why you should be hired should be written nicely and should be highlighted to reach the maximum audience. The resume should not be lengthy but should be compact and informative.

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