What is a Portfolio | Graphic Designer Portfolio PDF

Graphic Designer Portfolio PDF

As a term of graphic designer, our portfolio is the group of total of our different kind of effort. So total Whether different type of student just about total to get out of different type of university, a per must as per aspirant examining for a noble type of job, or as a different type of freelancer searching out for overall different types of customers – as Portfolio of Kuldeep Aggarwal there are lots of portfolio and Kuldeep Aggarwal Is Best Graphic Designer in India | Delhi | What is a Portfolio ?

Graphic Designer Portfolio PDF  (as I made graphic designer portfolio PDF, Now I detached PDF I changed in JPG as I have website I don’t want to mark graphic designer portfolio PDF, it needs when you don’t have any website blogging and social network then how can you show your work then you will have to make graphic designer portfolio PDF But you can see my resume as graphic designer portfolio pdf see)

10 tips for a killer design portfolio

A design portfolio is something which is very essential for a graphic designer. This marks the starting period of a graphic designer. The 10 tips of a graphic design portfolio are as follows

  1. A portfolio should have a nice cover letter stating the reason why you actually need this job
  2. It should also contain some examples of the assignments you have done.
  3. The portfolio should not be very lengthy but should be informative
  4. A portfolio can also include some creative ideas and content which would actually show your capability
  5. The portfolio should have proper font style and the texts should be readable
  6. It should have details about your previous work experiences
  7. A few creative ideas can be included as creativity is considered as the key of any job.
  8. Moreover the language in which the portfolio should be written should be standard and should be understandable
  9. It should highlight your important skills.
  10. Most importantly proper and valid contact details needs to be provided.

Creative blog for portfolio

A creative blog is very important for Portfolio. This is because one needs to understand that reaching out a number of people is the sole purpose and should not be ignored. A creative blog actually helps to achieve such credentials in life. It can increase your followers and not only that it helps you to reach a good number of people. It will always be an addition to your graphic design career.

Top tips for creating a winning design portfolio

The top tips of creating a winning design portfolio is you need to be informed and aware enough to know what are your actual skills and how they would help you to achieve a career. The top tips of designing a portfolio are including all your assignments which are selected and paid and a few of your own ideas how to build a brand image. If these things are included in the portfolio it would surely help you to succeed in your life.


Different type of Graphic Designer Portfolio Click Here

It is the very greatest main thing on which different zone of potential types of customers and different types of firms will judge you in each and every cases.

so overall no matter what is the time of overall your vocation, either an imposing types of graphic design selection wins. overall unalike types of clients and either overall different types of tasks for you. So overall Your online graphic design portfolio design kinds of website is your creative types of gap to show the world. A winning types of graphic design portfolio website showcases types of your work, tells your different types of level, different types of inspires sureness and open overall different doors for every types of partnerships. Given its impact result and producing you.in each and every phase.

Examples of Design Portfolio PDF

There is a share of Cases of Design Portfolio PDF but it’s totally be contingent on yourself which kind of do you want collection pdf or site and you can Free download as PDF File from any site but it’s not good for you should create on yourself because it’s your life and you can take examples of design portfolio pdf (.pdf), as well as you can use in your portfolio Text File (.txt) or read online for free it will better for kind to interviewer or clients. Examples-of-design-portfolio-pdf


Online Portfolio

“online portfolio is a very important thing suppose you are going to interview then they will ask your portfolio then you can show online portfolio and online portfolio PDF also”

Online Portfolio Site

Online portfolio site also very important thing if you want to get success in your life then you will have to make a website after that you can get success with online portfolio site seriously it’s very helpful as I made it you should see my portfolio.


Creative Talent

Creative Talent is your mind if you are creative graphic designer then you are creative talent person and if you are new graphic designer then you want to be a good creative talented graphic designer then you should focus on your work and do on your hart seriously you will become good creative talent person and you can take example from google and my designs but you will have to change that design it’s called creative talent.

Creative Professional Platform

Creative professional platform is very helpful for you if you made your page on Instagram or Facebook Pinterest these are creative professional platform for Graphic Designer or Business men there you can use your hashtag then you can get a lot traffic for your website or your creative professional work then make it as example you can see my all page that is very awesome pages first time you should try if you like then share and follow.


Online Graphic Design Portfolio Websites

It is the most very most important design to exercise you will undertake in each and every steps in your different types of graphic design career.

Creative Network

Creative Network Is very platform to do work as you are working in Creative Network Company there make Creative Thing That called Creative Network if you working Printing Shop There is not called Creative Network Because there you have to make only Color Full Banner, Visiting Card, Brusher, Wedding Card etc.


Creative Community

Creative Community is your work culture environment like places as you working in America of graphic designing work then it’s called creative community as you are working in local place in Delhi then it’s not called creative community some people say this is creative places but it’s not creative community better than out of country.


A PDF graphic design portfolio is an unlimited implement to showcase your greatest work in a movable, printable layout


Issue is a digital publishing dais that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and other online. Simply share your books and get them in front of Issue’s millions of monthly book lovers


Best thing is that A PDF graphic design portfolio is a great tool to showcase your best work in a portable, it’s depend on yourself how you are showing printable format or online format.  That called graphic designer portfolio pdf.


As a Graphic Design portfolio PDF Seeking your dream graphic design job? So or looking to land that freelance gig? so ask yourself: is your current portfolio all it could be better before? Perhaps


Graphic Design Portfolio PDF

A mind hunter graphic design portfolio is your visa to professional success. It is your calling card and your way in—the visual representation of all you’ve accomplished so far and a symbol for where you hope to be in the future. Basically, it has to be kick ass.

To push your portfolio to the face of rapidly growing crowd it helps to know what to include and what to leave out. Here’s how to build a graphic design portfolio pdf that will shock your clients away.

First of all let’s see some ideas with which you should start you work.


graphic design portfolio pdf
graphic design portfolio pdf


  1. Include the good stuff

When searching for what to include in your graphic design portfolio, there’s an answer: only your best work.

When you’re construction a portfolio you need to ensure that each example shines and helps to showcase a wide variety of your skills and abilities. This means if you’re early in your career your portfolio might be short and sweet, a single page of really strong projects that make you honored. Don’t make a visitor flip through tons of designs to find the really good stuff.


  1. Showcase your versatility

While electing your strongest projects, you also need to make sure that you are presenting the full range of your work. This can be a tight-rope walk and if it comes to choosing a project based on quality vs. range of work, choose quality. Remember that you are as upright as the lowest quality work you put out, so make sure that your curate only your best works.


Designer – Brandon Perez shows his diverse skills right on the home page of his portfolio website – http://kuldeepaggarwal.com/portfolio


Pro tip: Do not comprise an inferior work in your portfolio even if it is for a big brand name. Outstanding work done for a smaller client would do the job better. Clients are judging your talent, not your client’s size. Having big brands in your portfolio helps though :).


  1. Go for variety

Don’t include only one form of design such as website design or illustration. Though this doesn’t mean that everything shouldn’t work together.

Studio Mast comprises quite a variety but keeps everything tangled together with consistent solids backgrounds which give it a massive boost.


Best Free Fonts for Graphic Designer | Best Tips ?


There are 20 types of pro tips to create an awesome graphic design portfolio website

  1. Clear all types of Purpose
  2. Curate your overall work
  3. Show your every types of versatility
  4. Invest in a proper stage types of graphic design portfolio website in every phase.
  5. Choose the right types of platform for your online different types of graphic design portfolio
  6. Keep it simple in every stage
  7. Create your overall own brand
  8. Organise overall work
  9. Write about the process in each and every behind your overall work
  10. Don’t beat overall around the bush
  11. Show every types of results and each case studies
  12. Inject it with your doctor personality
  13. Add a different types of downloadable resume
  14. Clearly include overall your contact info
  15. Make sure overall your online every types of portfolio website are responsive
  16. Add a different types of blog
  17. Get reviews from your overall peers.
  18. Overall Review and refresh often types
  19. Create a different types of print portfolio
  20. Promote each portfolio website.


Some few topics to present Graphic designer’s portfolio PDF

Graphic Designer Portfolio Pdf so we are creative through and through. As We live and breathe design. Then Our collective experience over digital, print, advertising and marketing means that we can offer you a complete service. So Whether you are looking to design an app or a website, build a brand or get excited with print, and we have the solution available so it’s main thing is in the graphic designer portfolio pdf and Top tips for creating a winning design portfolio as thought.


Graphic Design Portfolio PDF A strategist that is able to develop and grow unique brand insights that are materialized in pragmatic and effective branding programs.as a London-based Graphic Designer. If I talk about JDC Design Studio is a personal online portfolio, visual playground and testing ground of Jessie Daryl Cacafranca. So Most of the showcased work are web, graphics, and photography that called graphic design portfolio pdf.

 Why portfolio is important for a Graphic designer

Why portfolio is important for a graphic designer just because Portfolio is a basis element that is used by many different types of multiple clients to hire every types of graphic designers. It is a great element that helps to make market a different types of graphic designer and also a very good element for different potential clients to access the talents, experience and multiple skills of different graphic designers before they will hire them. …so totally Overall a dates why portfolio is very important for graphic designers.

Graphic Designers portfolio PDF

it’s very important elements in each and every graphic designer. These are very effective to overall every PDF tools .so graphic designer’s portfolio PDF it’s very helpful in each and every steps.

Portfolio Designs for Students

Portfolio designers for students these are very effective to each and every steps to overall students in different ways so every types of explanted to explain why portfolio designs for students

Just like:

  1. Share only multiple types of best class projects
  2. State actually what you want to do in every phase
  3. Take as a many different types of side projects as you can afford in multiple ways
  4. Be strategic with different layout in every phase
  5. Exactly Show who you are in overall and how you think overall
  6. Internship
  7. Graphic designer’s portfolio templates

Graphic designer’s portfolio templates are the multiple ways to enhance the experience in each and every designers

So graphic designer’s portfolio templates are

  • Adobe types of Portfolio:
  • Squarespace types of portfolio
  • WordPress types of portfolio
  • Cargo Collective types of portfolio
  • Wix types of portfolio
  • WordPress types of portfolio
  • Graphic designer’s portfolio ideas

Graphic designer’s portfolio ideas are multiple ways to enhance the quality and increase the skills of each steps to overall designers. Graphic designers are very effective ideas to improve the experience for these ideas .so graphic designer’s portfolio ideas to help every designer.


Graphic designer’s portfolio projects

Graphic designer’s portfolio projects are very important elements for every designers and these are very effective to ever designers.so graphic designer’s portfolio projects are multiple types and these are

  • Solve each and every real problem with related projects.
  • Personal Branding for every types
  • Branding and Logo Design for multiple types
  • Marketing Campaign for every designers
  • Packaging Design for multiple types
  • Print Collateral for every types
  • Poster or Album Art every types
Graphic design portfolio layout

Graphic designer’s portfolio layout are very important elements and these are very helpful to every designer. Graphic designer’s portfolio layout is important in every steps to each and every types of designers. these layouts to improve the skills for every designer.


Junior graphic designer’s portfolio

Junior graphic designer’s portfolio are the best elements for every designer. Junior graphic designer’s portfolio is every steps to help every designer each and every steps.


Graphic designer’s portfolio PDF 2018 | 2019

Graphic designer’s portfolio PDF 2018 to help every designer in each area. graphic designer’s portfolio PDF 2018 to help every designer. And these are enhancing skills, experience and designer’s talent.

Graphic Designer Portfolio I always create things which inspires positivism, enthusiasm, and optimism. I put my soul and energy into every creative so that it would come out better than the previous one. Now, it’s your turn to judge the same, check out my portfolio now…

Graphic Designer Portfolio is very important think without Graphic Designer Portfolio you are nothing first think is graphic designer portfolio should be very impressive then you are the best Graphic Designer as Kuldeep Aggarwal made lots of portfolio and Blog also there is a blog you should see Graphic Designer Portfolio Blog it’s very impressive blog.


Graphic design portfolio pdf show you are skills set as photography, and illustration. Graphic designer’s portfolio pdf creates and combine symbols, images and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages. They use. Common uses of graphic design portfolio pdf include Logos and branding, editorial design (magazines, newspapers and books), advertising, web design, communication design, product packaging, and lots more….


Graphic Design Portfolio

As a graphic designer, your portfolio is the aggregate of your work. The eye catching graphic design portfolio exhibits your work, reveals your story, rouses certainty. Regardless of whether you are a fresher searching for a good job, an ambitious experienced graphic designer looking for better option, or a freelancer looking out for good clients , your graphic design portfolio is the major thing on which potential customers and employers will pass judgment on you.

Actually, a strong graphic design portfolio is your coupon to proficient achievement. While creating graphic design portfolio ,Your idea should always come up with something unique. You should have the ability to come up with an original, relevant, useful, worthy idea whatever it can be- an ad, an app, an experience, a video or a digital platform.

While thinking about what should you incorporate into your graphic design portfolio, there’s a simple answer: just your best work.

Here are Some important tips that will make your graphic design portfolio stand different from crowd.

 Be attentive about what you incorporate in profile.

No need to add all your work in portfolio. Just add your best work. Avoid the questionable with which you were not happy.

 Add your best and strongest projects
There are the projects you know you were successful with great satisfaction , got good reviews and had great outcomes. Try to add only these pieces of projects

 Advertise your unique and creative work
There are lots of graphic design portfolios with your clients . Including your unique and creative work ,your profiles become attractive and different from others.

 Don’t add same kind of work. Try to include variety.
Try not to incorporate just one type of plan, for example, website design or presentations. Instead of that include variety of work you have done.

 Include your design process
Maybe your customer didn’t choose the logo you truly cherished. The most ideal approach to do this is to demonstrate your best five picks and the inventive improvement that occurred. So add this in the form of design process in your portfolio that you always provide five options to the clients which helps them to choose the best.

Try to make your profile design interesting. Your graphic design portfolio is the key for your success. It shows your talent and your uniqueness which helps to win the clients.

Your portfolio should feel new, fresh and cautiously curated. If executed well, potential customers or managers will get a strong feeling of who you are as an individual and as an expert—and your work will really sparkle.

Graphic Design Portfolio PDF As a graphic designer, you might be displaying your design profile with independent PDFs on your site or blog. That procedure is a decent choice for when planned customers or bosses come to you. But in this digital era ,if you want send your portfolio through email or any messenger then you have to create single file in the form of say brochure which contains all your best work and with the help of which you attract your customer or clients.


This file should be a high quality PDF which contains your 10-20 samples of your work. While creating this Graphic Design Portfolio PDF ,remember that this single file is the only showcase of your work ,talent ,creativity and uniqueness . While creating your Graphic Design Portfolio PDF, organize your design profile with the help of following key points:

 Add following project details for the sample project you are going to add in your profile design

 Customer name

 Organization

 Project description

 Good reviews or any rewards related to the project

 Any other mark able point Along with the above project details, you should include some information for clients:

 Vision and Mission statement

 Your background information

 Client or industry list

 Services list

 Contact information Now Your Graphic Design Portfolio PDF is ready to send to customer.

Now who are graphic designers?

Graphic designers are people who create visual concepts that inspire for creative thing its very good graphic designer, inform, and transform they use industry-leading tools to build, design projects and discover the skills needed to become a professional visual thinker.

They build a solid foundation in the elements of design: typography, color, and layout, explore the design process to visualize compelling ideas. And they put into practice what they have learnt through various designing applications…

Every graphic designer should have what can be fondly called the “Graphic designer portfolio pdf”

While you can post several PDFs containing your portfolio, why can’t you just have one PDF file that’ll contain all the works you’ve done as a graphic designer…. We know most people ask for your portfolio before they can give you a project to handle. They always want to see your past works; they always want to see the different companies you’ve worked with. To the extent that they almost want to see everything you’ve done from your Genesis to wherever it may be now…

So, It will be easier for both you and the prospecting buyer when you have a PDF that contains your portfolio as a graphic designer but it not just all about putting all your past works there, you have to know the right things to include in the Portfolio PDF


As with any portfolio, the most important decision is what to include. Consider these basic tips:

Creating an organized portfolio pdf:

For each piece of work, you have chosen, consider adding the following;

  • client name
  • Industry
  • Project description
  • Your function in the project
  • The use of the project

Along with the project details, you should also include some background about yourself and your business.

Contact Information:

Your PDF should always contain your contact, you can also include the social angle where you include all your social media accounts, YOUR ADDRESS IS A BONUS.


The content does all the talking. If the need be or if you don’t just find yourself coming up with the right words, You could Consider hiring or teaming up with a professional writer to help prepare your content. IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT IN YOUR PORTFOLIO…

The best of the best of your works

After writing an amazing content you should then go into the phase where you include your past designs or work, it may not necessarily be your past works it can also be works you just recently did. But one thing you should note* You should always update your designs, No ONE loves old stuff, they may consider your past work as archaic. Always upgrade your design, try making the old one in a new way make sure it is very presentable…

Stay up to date.

Design trends and technology change quickly, so don’t allow your portfolio to look dated. Show that you know the newest techniques.

Include personal projects. Personal projects show that you have a passion for design, so don’t think you have to include only paid, client projects.

Focus on the types of projects you want to do.

Lastly, you could also show step by step processes you went through before finishing up you designs it also helps to get the deep interest of the clients….

Again We are showing you that What is Graphic Designer Portfolio PDF?

You need to know the meaning of the word portfolio.

The word portfolio in the freelancing words means a document is used to plan, organize work samples and skills. People use career portfolios to apply for jobs, you can also use it to apply to college or training programs.

So a Graphic Designer portfolio pdf is the documents that shows your previous work in a PDF.

A portfolio for a freelancer is a very important factor for his success. It shows your talent and skilled work.

You can include a short text consisting of 1 or 2 lines beside each picture or image you include.

A Graphic Designer Profile PDF

Is a PDF made of your portfolio that includes?

Simple photos that includes your work, and shows your taste.

It shows your taste and level of professionalism.

How can I write a proper Graphic Designer Portfolio PDF?

  • Use a famous application for your Graphic Designer Portfolio PDF:

Always try to use an application that will help you design, create, and edit your Graphic Designer Portfolio PDF.


First of all, use the first few lines by “about me” you should start your portfolio by introducing in yourself.

For example:

My name is Kuldeep Aggarwal! I live in the India. I live in Delhi I’m 24 years old.

You should imagine that when someone reads your portfolio that you are actually meeting them in person.

You can also write a mission statement (1 or 2 lines) that tells you’re the person reading what is your job.

  • Personal hobbies:

Add personal hobbies and information. Add your personal hobbies. Things you do at your free time. This step is optional but is recommended for aiming for a friendly relationship.

You shouldn’t always talk in your portfolio in a very formal way. Always use a friendly and a normal tone.

  • Your client base:

Always target your client base. You should add words that targets your client base. The clients you are actually looking for.

Maybe you are targeting small business owners. Maybe you are looking for a short or long term business, try to also mention that. Always try to target your clients.

  • Add your logo:

Add your custom logo or tagline that you want to be known for.

Maybe create a memorable and remarkable slogan under your logo that will grab instant attention.

  • A photo of you:

Add a photo of you. A portfolio MUST include a professional photo of you, like a headshot that concentrates at your face.

Maybe a picture of you working in your office or on your computer. Add something that will show your professionalism.

  • Previous Experience:

Add all your previous experiences and work. You should choose the best works you have ever done, and mention it all.

Choose wisely the best rated works you have ever done and add them all.

Add as much as possible but don’t make it too long, choose the best. Always select your strongest pieces you have done. Include all your skills and abilities.

Include all your education history, Any certificates.

Mention your years of experience.

Your biography should be short but includes very descriptive details.


  • Add your level:

Always add your level of skill, and your years’ experience beside each and every skill.

For example:

  • Graphic designing (Proficient) 6 years of experience
  • Cinema4D (Intermediate) 2 years of experience
  • Website development (advanced) 3 years of experience
  • Data entry (Upper Intermediate) 2 and half years of experience
  • Photoshop (Beginner) 6 months of experience

Maybe add sample work under each one.

You should never lie in your portfolio.

Don’t add extra skills that you can’t master.

Try not to add too many skills try to include a few wanted skills and focus on them.

  • Languages:

Add the all languages you can speak, and add your level in each.

Whether it is mother tongue, native, fluent, or even basic.

Each and every language in your portfolio or CV helps!

It also helps to find the clients for you so you can communicate well.

  • Taxes:

You could also include a sentence or two talking about your taxes policy, and if your country includes any taxes for online work.

  • Read and edit:

Read and revise your portfolio once, twice, and thrice until you feel like it includes no spelling or grammar mistakes. Because a portfolio shows your level of professionalism, so if it includes any spelling or grammar mistakes don’t expect any orders any time soon.

Use an app or hire someone to revise it if you felt like you need it.

  • Change it your Graphic Designer portfolio:

Try to change and edit your portfolio every now and then.

Mention new projects you have made.

Tips on how to get your portfolio famous:

  • Create Facebook pages that promotes your portfolio: as like this https://www.facebook.com/kuldeepaggarwaldotcom
  • Create Facebook pages that promotes and even shows all your new work you have done recently.
  • Where you can add a Q&A section and answer all the questions about prices, or delivery.
  • Run Facebook advertisement campaigns:
  • Always promote your posts through Facebook page.
  • Create a Facebook pixel and start targeting your audience through their countries, jobs, or even interests.

Will be writing another full article about how to create a Facebook pixel including all details

Try not to include any prices or delivery time in your portfolio because it is very unprofessional.

You should say that the prices and delivery varies on the length and the size of the project.

Try to ask the customer’s budget.

Each person has a different budget. It also varies on their country. So try asking their budget and try to negotiate if you think the price is too low.

Always stay positive and never give up.

as finding for inspiration for your graphic design portfolio? As Don’t miss our list of number of designs as portfolios that will spark your creative mind and it will help you.

As you can a look at 200-300 impressive graphic design portfolios, tracked by all the tips you need to curate the perfect space to showcase your work in your portfolio and design also.

As everyone Looking for inspiration? Check out our selection of the best all design portfolio websites of top designers from around the world but I had made from my self

These graphic design portfolios success all the correct records.

As everyone know in which field we need Portfolio as you can see who use portfolio as below list.


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Why to have a Graphic Digital Portfolio?

I’m sure you’ve wondered why you need to have a digital portfolio. Well, developing a portfolio requires a huge amount of time and in some cases, resources.

But right now, we are in a moment of global history, unique. It is about globalization. I am talking about a phenomenon that has changed the way of producing, selling, buying, working and exercising any other activity. Globalization has not only changed the methods of production and work of companies. It has also changed the lifestyle of citizens and workers. Formerly people gave great importance to social class, when accessing a job. Subsequently, the university degree or academic degree began to be assessed. Later, many companies realized that there was an undemocratic hierarchy. Well, university degrees became an obsession for many students. On the other hand, many people with a great experience did not find work, while other people with little experience and little productive had a job. As companies began to pay high salaries for people who had important university degrees but lacked the necessary skills, there are many highly qualified unemployed people with impressive skills who would work for much lower salaries. The companies that realized this situation and reacted on time, achieved success. From that moment, companies began to be more demanding with the experience, practice and skills as opposed to the academic degrees available to the person seeking a job. Well, it is at that moment, when more people chose to create a portfolio.

The Portfolio is a document that includes all the relevant works of your student and/or work stage. The portfolio is your personal brand, because you show the company or employer what you have done, so that he understands what you are capable of doing and what are the results you get. The portfolio is the way you sell yourself. Surely you will wonder if it is necessary to include in each and every one of your works. The answer is no. If one of your projects or work does not reflect the best of you, it is better not to include it, because it can lower the level to which you really are. You must show in your portfolio the best of you, what you do best, obviously with the utmost sincerity and seriousness possible. The portfolio is like the CV, but instead of including your university degrees, you include your work, because the employer can know more closely if the person you are looking for is really the one in front. Therefore, having a good portfolio is necessary to find a job. The portfolio, like the CV, must have an elegant template and where all your data is exposed in an orderly and easy to understand way. The Portfolio must reflect your capabilities, but it must also reflect some values. If you have large jobs or projects, but they are poorly arranged or not clearly understood, the employer will easily reject you. On the other hand, if your portfolio is elegant, practical, tidy, looks good and projects or works can be easily read and understood, you will surely have a great opportunity to be hired.

The Portfolio must be digital. Obviously if you go to a job interview, it is advisable to take your physical portfolio by hand, because in this way you can tell your employer that you have done during your student or professional stage, but you can do it very directly and very clearly. However, companies nowadays work online and many of them receive multiple job applications from many people. Well, to be hired you need to impress on something and what better to do than through your portfolio. Well, if your document is highly attractive, interesting and indicates a high degree of professionalism, you are likely to be hired. Remember that your portfolio is your cover letter. Obviously, most people send CVs digitally, through the internet, either through emails, through messages on social networks and contacts or by posting them on job platforms. Therefore, just as you surely send your CV digitally, online, you must also do it with your portfolio. You must allow anyone with a simple click to be able to see your skills, knowledge and abilities.

A portfolio can be a pdf or jpg document. PDF is more advisable, since it is a serious document, beyond an image. However, a portfolio can be your website. Well, a website gives us the possibility of integrating a multitude of essential elements so that the employer or the company can get to know us closely. On this website, we can write articles related to our profession, we can include our social networks and we can explain in detail our most interesting projects or works.

Do I need a digital portfolio PDF?

In addition, in the digital environment in which we live, the fact that a person has their small digital space on the web is much appreciated, because it is synonymous with maturity and knowing how to adapt to the times. In addition, companies increasingly require people who dominate the electronic tools. Therefore, it is very likely that your company requires help in the field of Internet or wants to advertise a new product or develop a platform on the Internet. Well, in case you have a website in the form of a Portfolio, the company will see in you, an opportunity to grow on the internet, not because of what your portfolio taught, but simply because of having an attractive website and being able to Position your content in a certain way. In addition, many people are responsible for monetizing their web pages, therefore, even if you do not find work, you can position your portfolio with the objective of monetizing it, but also with the objective that your website is very visible on the Internet and without the fact of that you apply for work, many entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs, when viewing your professional portfolio, they might contact you and there begin your work or even business adventure.

I am sure you will look some examples on the Internet about Graphic Design Portfolio. I am sure you searched the following:

Graphic design portfolio pdf 2017

At 2017, enterprises used to look more CV’s than portfolio, at least in the case of Europe. But American companies started to ask new employees to have their own portfolio. So, Portfolios began to be more and more important. Internet has been a great tool to encourage people to create their own portfolio.

Graphic design portfolio pdf 2018

Internet allows people to make so many things. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an amazing teacher. YouTube can be your best teacher. On the internet you can find a lot of information about any topic. So, people, started to create their own portfolio. During 2018, most Americans and Europeans had a portfolio or they were thinking on creating one.

Graphic design portfolio pdf 2019

In 2019, people are starting to create websites as their own portfolios. On my case, I have done that. It is a good idea, so you don’t only show your knowledge’s and experiences, you also show your capability of using the Internet and digital tools and resources. Furthermore, on your website, you can show your personal information, so it is easier that people can contact you by any of the social media or communication tools that you offer on your own website.

How to make a graphic design portfolio in pdf?

Your portfolio is your personal brand and you will update during your professional life. What you should look at the internet is ‘’ How to make a graphic design portfolio in pdf?’’

This will definitely help you a lot. There you will find so many articles about that. But what I recommend you is to check videos about that. You will find a lot of youtubers that dominate perfectly some graphic design programs. So, you don’t have any excuse to make a good portfolio!

Indian graphic designer portfolio pdf

Designing a portfolio requires some knowledge on graphic design. It doesn’t matter if you need an Indian graphic design portfolio, or if you need an American or European graphic design portfolio.

It is true that the fact of developing a digital portfolio requires knowledge and certain tools. But, in fact, you just want to have a portfolio so you just need some knowledge on graphic design. We live in a globalized world and the requirements of all the enterprises are the same, it doesn’t matter the location in which you are.

I am a junior or fresher graphic designer

Thanks to the Internet, you can easily get that knowledge and the tools you need. Well, having this knowledge and tools can still help you expand even your abilities. Therefore, as you can see, having a digital portfolio opens the doors and you should not miss this opportunity. If you do not know how to design it, if you are a fresher or junior graphic designer, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t have enough knowledge to do it, just do it, you will not regret it, in addition, you will learn a lot by designing your own portfolio, your own personal brand.

How to make a Graphic Design Portfolio in PDF?

But I am a graphic designer, I have experience on that and I want to create my personal portfolio. Well if you are a graphic designer, I am sure you will know the necessary tools for designing a portfolio. So, designing your portfolio will be easy for you, so try your best. But if you are a graphic designer and you create a portfolio with amazing graphics, pictures and very well ordered, you will have one more work to show to the enterprise you apply for: it is your portfolio, a graphic design portfolio.


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I really hope that I was able to help you.

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