Some Common Graphic Designing Mistakes to Avoid

10 Common Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid?

Graphic Design is the art of understanding and designing of new ideas and sharing it to the public with an intention of selling product or a service. Though Graphic Designing is not that difficult and can be learnt provided constant efforts are done. Graphic designers must look forward to avoid making a few mistakes which can lessen the number of target audience and thus inflict harm to the sales. This write up would help you to know more about graphic design faux passions and common graphic design mistakes.

Bad graphic design

No design can be completely discarded and called a bad design but there are few design errors one should keep in mind. The background and the fore ground colours should be understood properly. That is the graphic designer should have a proper sense of colouring. For egg. If the background is light the text should be in dark. No designs should be replicated or used without permission. Bad graphic design is those which are thought to not do justice to the graphic design standards.

Common design mistakes

Some of the common graphic design mistakes are wrong colour co-ordination and hasty design. If the design is not proper and attractive it is generally not considered by good companies. Uniqueness should be maintained .Most importantly the text size in the design is either small or large or doesn’t compliment the design. Thus it is treated as one of the common design mistakes. Moreover the graphic designer should not depend on one sample. He or she should make three or four samples ready so that the best one can be chosen.

Novice graphic designer

There is a point of time in your career where you are new to any form of art. Thus a graphic designer also starts his or her profession at one point of time. A novice graphic designer should be trained properly before handling important projects so that deals are not hampered. Examples should be shown and explained. Most importantly graphic designers from other companies or even senior in house graphic designers can train the novice graphic designers to avoid mistakes.

Do graphic designers make mistakes?

Yes making mistakes is common in any kind of field. It is no different for a graphic designer to make mistakes. The most common mistakes that most graphic designers do is irrelevance with the content. They often make designs those are irrelevant with the content and thus lose the deal. Another common mistake is colour co-ordination which often makes the design look either too dull or glossy. So mistakes are common however they can be corrected.

Graphic design Fails

Graphic design fails are when the graphic designer can’t do justice to the main aim of disseminating the message and making the public understand. For example suppose an image is used to describe or portray a letter but the viewer can’t get it because of the confusion with the other letter. It is described as one of the major graphic design fails.

Graphic design faux pas

There are few faux passes which a graphic designer must keep in mind. Few of the mistakes done are graphic designers forgetting to use new, fresh and dynamic fonts to keep the audience glued. Moreover graphic designers often forget that they are designing for a target audience and thus their preferences should be kept in mind and the design should be made based on that. Moreover proper breathing space should be provided between each word so that the text stays understandable. Uniqueness is always the key .One can definitely follow the trends but should not include everything in their design.

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Graphic design sins

There are several graphic design sins some of which are already mentioned above. The most common graphic design sins are Overdesigning (unique designing is good but often people tend to overdesign which spoils the look of the entire mater). Relying on designing trends (You should not rely on design trends so much that those designs are seen replicated in your on original designs). Confusing font styles and unsuitable design palette colours are should also be avoided. (A graphic designer must keep in mind that the graphic designs should be worth reading and should be interesting. One of the prime factors in such case in the colour combination and the associated text. It should be pleasure to read and not painful to the reader’s eye.

Graphic designing is a major work andunder this it involves a lot of  features such as  analysis a company’s business Growth  and  represent it’s brand Positioning.

Any mistake in a design such as a logo, text, design, business card, website, pamphlets, symbols either  brochure, etc. can even likely damage future of a company.

If you take a look at logos, images and other graphic design products of global companies, you will be impressed at the first Flash . They all create Label etc. all type of designs and symbols with a purpose. There is a well thought of approach going behind in creating those designs.

Now a days many startups do not pay careful attention to designing of their marketing materials. They ultimately end up losing their valued clientele to competitors.

This is because most of customers take buying decision openly or indirectly on seeing a logo, brochure, website, blog, packaging, and other designs. These designs have colors etc. basics that evoke some future emotions from the consumers.

In case logo or a website, brochure and other designs are created without much attention,, that may be harmful for the business prospects of a company. A carelessly designed logo, for example, may indicate audience about unprofessional approach of the company. People do not take such graphic design seriously and move to a company who has better insights in the logo.

Whether you’re a brand name new designer look to jump into your first order or you’re an old hand who’s looking for a refresher, these common graphic design mistakes can ambush any designer also potentially reason a lot of harm. So, get a look through these serious mistakes you need to keep an eye out for. As long as you stay vigilant and double check all, none of these troubles should bother you.

  • So As in all things, communication is a major part for each and every point specially between the designer and the client

So it’s the advantage of the client to provide clear and full information , it’s the duty of the designer to assure  they understand those information , even if that requires additional queries sent to the client.

Creative Blog highly advice going over the client directives multiple times while taking notes and analysis.

Whenever something confusing crops up in the directives, it’s critical that you get in contact with the client right away in order to clear things up.

2) Thinking out-of-the-box creativity thinking may be a cliché advice, that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. A major graphic design mistake in logo design

  • Graphic design is ainnovative process, and, you need to be innovative in order to truly be successful. Go for the crazy and freaky, try things out, experiment and play around. Not everything will be aachievement, but nothing will be if you don’t try.
    1. Playing with fonts may be enjoyable, but if someone is trying to read through something that changes font type ten times in a paragraph, either sentence it’ll get tiring and aggravating Planet of the Web suggests using no more than three or four fonts in any single layout.

It would be improved to stick to now one, or maybe two fonts. A single font adds continuity,                which is better . You should keep the number of fonts lower in anypamphlet designalso where space is already tight.

4) Simplicity has plenty of perks on its own. So, be careful about going crazy with the Photoshop filters. Over-designing and over Photoshop either over editing isn’t a major mistake, but it can cause some Major problems. Having blank space isn’t of necessity bad, and in many bags, it’s better than filling every square inch of blank space with something.

If your brochure design is crowded with too many images, fonts, design and colors, try to keep them to the bareminimum. That will help customers focus on your key big business skin that you want to show up.

05). Over-Promise Then Under-Deliver is not be acceptable.

when discussing deadlines and prospect with your customer, you’ll want to make sure you don’t promise them something amazing, and then fail to meet that promise. It’s better to finish a project in front of a long limit than late on a short deadline. For your design wants, you can forever hire a freelance graphic designer with a high-quality track record so that you don’t need to face and delays in your project.

It is better to tell your customer that you may obtain a lot of time in create a design work. Do not make loud promises that arise their expectation to very high level. This mode, you will be put yourself under force in scheduling the work and quality of the design.

06. Kerning is important because in some situations, adjusting the space between letters can make the wording more legible and pleasing to the eye. However, misusing kerning or not paying close attention to it can cause some major problems, from  Distortto spoil a design’s coherence

07 It’s not wrong to use bunch of  images, it’s best to go easy with them. Using too many stock photos either images makes a project look not great and, in some cases, exploitationPlus, there are enoughof stock images out there that people will instantly admitsince they’ve seen them all over.

Now, other hand packaging design having a stock image. almost certainly not, since they get the communication that the quality of the product may be inferior as is the design.

08. In case graphic designer and not a writer, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to pass on proper spelling. While you may feel that running a quick spell check after finishing your project is all you’ll need, there are enough of graphic design mistakes that spell check systems can miss. So follow Creative Pro’s advice, pay close notice to the information and comb over your project before sending things to print.

09. IssuesAlong with spelling problems, you want to make sure your project has proper grammar. While a misused comma or other punctuation marks may not seem like a major problem, there are enough of people out there that will see a small slip likethat and disregard the entire rest of the project.

We have helped thousands of business owners from all around the world with their graphic design needs such as a logo design, website design, social media posts, banner and much more.


Graphic designers make ordinary mistake such as not sympathetic the instructions from the clients, not researching their business, raising their expectation due to loud promises, use of many fonts, colors, and end up creation the design multifaceted, and so on. It would be high-quality if the designer keep it easy.

What Makes A Good User Interface?

Let us understand what a good interface is. A good interface is called a site which is considered to be responsive. A client needs to get answers to the queries they have. Not only that the interface should be easy to use.

What are the principles of user interface design?

The principle of a user interface design is

  • The Language should not be so difficult that it becomes very difficult for the user.
  • The errors should be checked and corrected regularly.
  • The data that has already been entered by the user should be preserved
  • Accommodate users with different difficulty levels.

Some Common Graphic Designing Mistakes to Avoid

When you are doing Graphic Designing you should keep in mind that the design is appealing and attractive. The Graphic Design should be copied from anywhere else and should be unique. Mistakes like using too dark or too light colours resulting in making the texts invisible should be avoided.

Graphic design mistakes

There are several Graphic Design mistakes that are very common:

  • The font size is either too big or too small.
  • The design is too difficult to understand.
  • Not following the brief of the product.
  • Not understanding the need of the client.
  • Using inappropriate background or colours.

Graphic design mistakes examples

One of the most common mistakes in Graphic Design is using same type of colour for the foreground and the background. This makes the font invisible and difficult to understand .For eg. If you use orange font with yellow background it often tends to be invisible. Another common mistake for Graphic Designing is the font size. The font size of the design either becomes too big or too small to understand.

Bad graphic design

Bad Graphic Design is considered to be those which do not full fill the two major objectives :

  • Making the design interesting.
  • Delivering the message the clients need to deliver.

This can happen due to several reasons that we have already discussed before.

Graphic design fails

Graphic Design fails are considered those which do not appeal to the audience due to certain possible reasons. The main purpose of providing message to the client is not fulfilled. Thus it does not also increase the sales. Such types of designs are often termed as Graphic Design fails.

Graphic design sins

Graphic Designing sins are the errors and mistakes that one performs while doing Graphic Designing. Errors creep in the type of designing one does, and the way one plays with the colours and other necessary details. These are termed as the Graphic Designing sins.

Graphic design faux pass

There are several Graphic Design faux passes- You should know and understand the type of font that will actually highlight your text and make it attractive. The other faux passes are:

  • There should be a balance between design.
  • You should not forget the brief of the product and who you are designing it for
  • You should do something unique and try to avoid plagiarism.

Worst graphic designer ever

You can not claim one person to be the worst Graphic Designer ever. There are mistakes a certain person makes, but he or she can easily rectify it or make changes accordingly. There are several design mistakes a graphic designer does. But you cannot label someone  as worst graphic designer ever.


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