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You may be a graphic designer and therefore it is very likely that you are looking for a job. Well, you have many opportunities to start working as a graphic designer.

The world has globalized to such an extent that companies require graphic designers from various countries and regions. As each country or region has its own culture and culture has a very direct relationship with creativity. A company that has graphic designers from different countries is destined for success, because they all contribute totally different knowledge, cultures and creatives. In addition, graphic design is increasingly important, as marketing and personal branding are increasingly important elements. Therefore, companies increasingly require more specialized graphic designers. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what country or region you are in, your future job is guaranteed and a lot of opportunities are waiting for you to take advantage of them.

Graphic designer jobs in Delhi

Today, most people look for work through the internet. Therefore, there are a number of websites, which are job advertisement portals. Well, some of these portals are international, while others are focused on a national level. We are going to assume that you are looking for a job in India, because I recommend that you look for work in employment, both international and national (India): LinkedIn (The jobs with Easy Apply), Jobs – Fresher Jobs India – Govt Jobs- Part Time Jobs, Naukri, Glassdoor, Instahyre, AngelList, Indeed (job aggregator), Monster, TimesJobs, Shine, CutShort, Fresher World (for freshers), Skill TIN – The Head Hunting Platform.

Delhi is the most populous metropolis in India and the second most populous in the world with a population of 22.7 million. In this area you will find New Delhi, the capital of India. Well, if you live in Delhi, you can find not only hundreds but also thousands of jobs as a graphic designer.

Graphic designer jobs in South Delhi

I just checked LinkedIn and I just found that you can apply for 1000 jobs as a graphic designer in South Delhi. So, you have no excuses, you have an opportunity to get a job as a graphic designer.
If LinkedIn is not enough for you, you can check other job portals that I mentioned above.

Graphic designer jobs in Delhi Pitampura

Pitampura is a residential area in the northwest district of Delhi, India. It is a planned neighborhood developed by the DDA in the 1980s, and Pitampura TV Tower, was built in 1988. Dilli Haat Pitampura is located near the television tower. It is located to the west of the part of Delhi, it is an exclusive residential, commercial and retail center.

As it is, therefore, an area where there are shops and companies, that means that graphic designers will have certain job opportunities. Perhaps there are no graphic design offices to deal with the job offer that exists in the labor market, in the field of graphic design. But you can choose to create a small studio or work as a freelancer. Well, if you want to work in Pitampura (Delhi), as a graphic designer, I recommend you to be a freelancer. Well, it is a prosperous area with several residences and shops. So you can have many customers, from shops that need your help to create their logos, their personal brand, to package products in a special way or to design products; To have clients who want to decorate their home in a certain way and require a graphic designer to help them create certain images or designs of some objects. Therefore, if you are a freelance, Pitampura can be a great job opportunity for you.

Graphic designer jobs in Delhi salary

The average salary of a graphic designer is  ₹ 16,305 per month in India. Salary estimates are based on 18,048 salaries anonymously sent to Indeed by employees, users of the Graphic Designer, and compiled from past and present job announcements in Indeed in the last 36 months. Surely Delhi is the place where there are more job opportunities in India, due to the importance of the area. But on top of that, it is where an important part of India’s economy is concentrated, so salaries as a graphic designer will surely be the highest in the whole country.

Graphic designer jobs in Mumbai

Mumbai is growing and is becoming a place for creative entrepreneurs. Well, there are more and more designers and experts in Photoshop or Illustrator in Mumbai.

This is a dynamic moment for designers and design companies in Mumbai. While graphic design as a discipline is still underdeveloped, numerous young studies are emerging in response to a large amount of work and customers that exist in the market. Therefore, graphic design can experience exponential growth in the coming years, especially in cities and areas where creativity and talent are promoted, as is the case of Mumbai.

The city of Mumbai is the most populous in the country, it has a more established history when it comes to advertising agencies (including Wieden + Kennedy, BBH, Ogilvy, JWT, McCann and Publicis). Fitch opened an outpost in Mumbai in 2007, the Saffron Brand Consultants group of Wally Olins opened in 2008, just like Landor and Interbrand joined in 2010. Therefore, in this city there is economic growth especially focused on the area Creative and design.

If we focus on India, we should know that Mumbai leads the way in graphic design and illustration, although Goa in the south is also seeing an increase in creativity and the business of graphic design.

“Delhi and Calcutta are more focused on art than on design; these are the cities where we find our best photographers and artists.”

However, Mumbai is the best place in India to work, if you are a designer and want to find a community that understands and design as part of its culture and way of working.

Therefore, in Mumbai there is a great demand for employment in the field of design. That is, if you are looking for a job as a graphic designer, there is a high probability that you will find it.

Graphic designer jobs in Gurgaon

If you are looking for a job as a graphic designer in Gurgaon, you can be lucky and find a company that suits your professional goals. Well, in Gurgaon there are several graphic design offices, so you can have so many job opportunities as a graphic designer.

Graphic designer jobs in MNC Gurgaon

According to LinkedIn there are more than 300 jobs available in Gurgaon as a graphic designer. In the job portal Indeed, there are also more than 300 jobs available if you want to work as a graphic designer. Therefore, there is work, among that large number of jobs, you must choose the one that is closest to your working conditions and expectations.

Graphic designer jobs in Delhi for fresher’s

If you are a beginner graphic designer, it will surely be difficult for you to get a job with a great salary. Companies usually choose candidates with great skills, very creative and with great experience. So, if you hire someone who does not meet these characteristics, surely the salary will be very low. But it is also nothing negative. Obviously, everyone wants to earn money, but if you are a beginner you still have a professional career ahead of you, therefore, an opportunity to achieve financial achievements will arise. In fact, the important thing in your case, is not to get a good salary, but to acquire a great experience that allows you to achieve professional achievements in the future. Now you need to learn to become a good graphic designer in the near future. Therefore, my recommendation is that you look for very professional offices in which you can learn the most, even if your salary is very low, or even if you work as a fellow.

If you want to start your professional career as a fellow Graphic Designer, you can search on the internet the following term: Graphic Design Jobs Internship.

Graphic designer jobs in MNC Noida

According to the Simply Hired portal, there are many vacancies in Noida to work as a graphic designer. However, most jobs offered are for beginners or fellows. Therefore, if you want to dedicate yourself to graphic design, but you still don’t have some work experience, working at Noida can be the perfect solution.

As you can see, in India, there are many possibilities to work as a graphic designer. However, you can also choose to become a freelance or carry out your own graphic design office, in the same way as Kuldeep Aggarwal, a designer with 6 years of experience in the field of graphic design.


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