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There are lot of software of Graphic Design but now 2-3 software is going for graphic design like CorelDraw, Photoshop and Illustrator these are enough to become a graphic design and you get job from this software and if I talk about India so in India lot of people using this software in free piracy and some company purchase this software and coral draw mostly use in India not out of country and Photoshop and illustrator use every country this software is very creative software.

if you are new to graphic design and are creation graphics for a new website? So Here is a list of essential graphic design software to start off with graphic design software.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphics are nothing but the visual statements on a surface like paper, canvas, wall, stone, pottery, or in today’s world on a computer screen. The graphic is a creation of design with the help of symbols, letters, signs, drawings and so on. Graphic design is an art of combining text, pictures, and ideas for the purpose of advertisements, websites, promotion, branding, etc.

Who is Graphic Designer?

In the ancient world, the graphic designer created graphic on stone, wall, etc. with the help of tools made up with some metal. After that graphic designer who created graphic on paper or canvas used paper, pencil or colours. But in the current digital era, graphic designer is a professional who creates lots of things as a part of graphic design including digital banners, logos, social media materials, website design, print ads, etc. with the help of different software or tools.

To become a successful in Graphic design field, at any level junior or senior, you must be proficient in the graphic designing software. The software may be changed by your level. It means if you are at junior level then you must know how to use graphic designer software like Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC. And if you are at senior level then you must know how to work with graphic designer software like InDesign, Inkscape, CoralPaintShop, etc. along with working experience of basic software.

Free online Graphic design software

This is the proven fact that In this digital world, the visual content become more and instant popular than the words. The proper use of images and videos in your post, logos, advertisements, websites, banners or promotion get more engagements than the simple text, especially on social media. If you want more engagements for the above things, then you can easily create graphics with the help of different graphic design software. These software are free to use. Also you don’t need lots of knowledge of these software.  With the help of small learning tutorial or practice you can create images or graphics. Although these free softwares do not provide you fancy features like Adobe CC or any paid software, the basic features of these free versions are sufficient for creating graphics for entry level.

Different Free Online Graphic design software

There are lots of free online Graphic design software available for beginners which provides basic features to create designs. Some of popular from them are:

  1. Canva – Canva offers lots of designs, filters, fonts and icons online to help you create presentations, social media graphics and more! It is one of the most popular free graphic design software.
  2. Stencil -Stencil offers different quotes, custom size options, many icons, templates and list of lots of photos to create the good image for you.
  3. Bannersnack – This is mostly use for banner making and advertising. It contains ready-made designs and templates with easy to use, drag and drop interface.
  4. Venngage – Venngage is an online tool to create icons, text, images or beautiful infographics.
  5. Designbold – Designbold is a simple but powerful design tool which turn your concepts and ideas into eye-catching visual content.
  6. Vector – It is a free graphic design software used to create vector graphics easily.


  1. Fotor – It is a free software used for photo editing.
  2. Piktochart – It is a very simple software tool that helps you convert your story into the visual design it deserves.
  3. Prezi -You can create presentation with Prezi. It is the cloud-based presentation platform open canvas.
  4. Desygner – It is a free design tool with 1000’s of ready-made beautiful design templates, which can be easily edited, published and printed.
  5. Easil – It is again online graphic design tool to create the marketing campaign by allowing users to create beautiful graphics quickly and easily. It has 1000’s of free editable templates available for user.
  6. Animatron – It is a free online video maker for creating videos in minutes.

The above graphic design software are useful for beginners in graphic design field also for those who are not belonging to design field. Almost all the above software provides Pro version with advance features. With Pro version, you can also register your designs like logo or banner with thses software to make them unique and avoid to make same design by another user.

Software used for Advance Graphic Design:

The free graphic design software are useful for beginners. But to create the graphics at professional level for the professional purpose, you need the best Graphic design software. Most of this software used to create professional graphic design are paid. Some of such paid graphic design software are:

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud: It is one of famous software by designer. Its payment mode is in the form of Annual subscription.
  2. Adobe Illustrator CC: It has many features like Editable Vector Graphics, Touch Interface Support, publication Layout, Pro-Level Typography, Data-Driven Charts, etc. Its payment mode is in the form of Annual subscription.
  3. Adobe InDesign CC: It has less features as compare to Adobe Illustrator CC. But still it is one of the famous paid software used for graphic designing. Its payment mode is in the form of Annual subscription.
  4. CorelDraw Graphics Suite: It has lots of features like Editable Vector Graphics, Editable Raster Graphics, Touch Interface Support, Publication Layout and Pro-Level Typography. Its payment mode is in the form of one-time purchase.
  5. Corel PaintShop Pro: It provides features like Editable Vector Graphics and Editable Raster Graphics. Its payment mode is in the form of one-time purchase.

So the cost of Graphic design software ranges from free to even 600-700 of dollars. It depends on you for what purpose you want to use it.

Top Free Online Graphic Design Software List with best solutions

So your discipline, we round up the best free graphic design software for aspiring designers software.

In our continuation of the blog posts on graphic designing, this article will cover some of the software used by designers, there uses and how to get them.


First off let’s see what are some of the graphic designing Software’s-

Graphic designing Software’s-

  1. Photoshop CS3-CS4-CS5-CS6-CC
  2. Illustrator CS3-CS4-CS5-CS6-CC
  3. Adobe InDesign CS3-CS4-CS5-CS6-CC
  4. CorelDraw X2-X3-X4-X5-X6-X7-X8
  5. GIMP
  6. Inkscape

I am there are other software also but these are some of the widely used software in the world of graphic designing.

As a budding artist, you may not have the necessary funds to buy new software as some of them can be quite expensive that is why I have made a list of some free software on the internet that can help you get started.


Free graphic designing software-

  1. Gravit Designer
  2. Vector
  3. SVG-Edit
  4. Inkscape
  5. Canva
  6. RawTherapee
  7. Photo Pos Pro
  8. Krita
  9. NET
  10. Sumo Paint

I would recommend using vector as it is the most popular free software right now with timely updates. All this software’s will work with windows as well as macOS.

Also, I would like to point out that all the free software is compatible with windows 7 as some of us still use windows 7. The paid software may not be as compatible as they mostly receive updates for windows 10.

Paid free software.

As you know anything on the internet is possible and when it comes to software this sentence could be truer.

As a creative person, we always need the best of the tools to help us do our work but sometimes those tools could be very expensive. What is the solution? Below are some useful tips as to how you can get some paid software for free on the internet. Keep in mind when you do not buy software you may not get all the updates that a paid person will get but it will get the job done.



There are mainly two ways you can get graphic design software-

  • Is to download the software from a third-party website. There are a lot of websites that let you download a slightly older version of the software from their websites for free.
  • U torrent. Torrent is by far the most popular method to get free software. A simple google search with the name of the software with the added keyword torrent

Paid software

For those who have some funds to invest, I would recommend going for adobe software. Gone are the days when you had to buy each software separately. Today for roughly 2300 INR per month you can subscribe to adobe cloud. Adobe cloud offers a variety of tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Capture etc.

If you go for cloud services, you do not need to install the software physically on your computer all you need is a good internet connection. This also means you do not need a powerful computer as most of the computing powers will be used form the servers of adobe and all your projects will be saved online on cloud storage so you will always have a copy.

For those who do not have a good internet connection and want to buy the software, it can cost from 9000 to 19000 INR respectively.

Which Software Is Used in Graphic Design?

In this article we will talk about several software for graphic designing. People tend to use software that are cheap and affordable or are at free of cost in order to maximise the profit of the company or personal profit share. Graphic Designers who are used to using several kinds of software also have to make it a point to update the software as there are new ones always coming up with extra features which can make the work extra beneficial.


People related to involved in the graphic designing business generally try to use free graphic design software. There are several reasons behind this. Primarily you always have to test the software is compatible with the design you provide or not. So it takes quite a good amount of time to understand the software. Thus free software is always preferred by companies as well as graphic designers. One of the good examples of free Graphic Designing Software is Inscape. Inscape is a graphic designing software which helps you with designing with multiple tools that also acts as an additional feature.


There are several free Graphic designing Software’s like Inscape, Gravity Designer, SVG-Edit. Free Online Graphic Designing software not only helps you to gain maximum profit by reducing the cost but also helps you to experiment with the features which could not have been easily possible if the services were highly paid.


There is several software which can provide you ways to download free Graphic Design Software. You can simply download it from Adobe or from Google Play store for best benefits. There are several ways one can understand the features by looking at reviews and then downloading it. Before downloading any kind of software from any website you should try on getting a quick review on the apps.


There are several Graphic Design software for Windows 7 namely PaintToolSA1, Adobe Photoshop, PC Image Editor, Autodesk DWG True view, Adobe Illustrator etc.


There is several design software which are found in Google Play store. Google Play store is a one she platform which provides you apps of all kinds and help you to exercise them to the fullest potential. Google Graphic Design Software examples are Designer, Adobe Spark etc.


Adobe Illustrator has become very famous and has gained a good amount of popularity nowadays because of its ease and flexibility to use. Using it does not require very professional skills and even beginners can make good use of it to extract high end benefits that Adobe illustrator provides. Adobe Illustrator for graphic Designing has gained huge popularity in the last year (2019).


Adobe Photoshop for Graphic Designing is also an interesting way of Graphic Designing. The target audience of Adobe Photoshop has always been the students and the learning generation. The Adobe Photoshop of Graphic Designing has Several tools and Features that can also help you in restructuring of the photos and used it to your best advantage.


Adobe InDesign is basically a desktop Publishing software. This software is also very popular and is widely used for designing magazines and brochures for several companies. Adobe InDesign Software can provide you the best services once proper practicing and understanding of the features are done.


Corel Draw Graphic Design has also become very famous and have gained and attracted a lot of audience in its last few years. This is because in Corel Draw one gets maximum benefits and also it is not important for the person to have a great knowledge of graphic designing initially. He or she can always use it to their advantage later with time.


I really hope I was able to help you! if you want to more update then please join us



Written by: Subhechcha Ganguly

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