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Graphic Design Courses ?

Questions you should ask yourself before being a Graphic Designer.


Have you ever thought of taking graphic design courses to learn graphic designing, or to improve your skills?


Graphic Design Courses in Delhi | Mumbai | South Delhi | Near me | India | Other Country the word

In this article we will be talking about Graphic Design Courses in different regions.


First of all, let’s talk about Graphic Design Courses in the world:

There are a lot of graphic designers that want to improve themselves, or people wanting to learn.


If you are a student or even an unemployed citizen. You could go and learn more!

  • Learn more about graphic designing.
  • There are a lot of options in graphic designing.
  • Maybe you would like something.
  • Graphic designers have good paying if you work for a private company in India only if you went to certain schools; but if you someone who wants to learn online and start working you will work and get your customers online.
  • You can earn anything between 0>>>+ $100,000 per year.
  • The salary is unknown it all depends on your customer base and your portfolio.
  • Your communication skills, your company skills determine a lot.

If you are new to this subject and you are interested to being a graphics designer and creating your own career, you need to ask yourself some questions before taking any

Graphic Design Courses.


Are you good at verbal communication skills?

  • If the answer is no, I think you should reconsider your thoughts of being a graphics designer from your home.
  • If you will work individually your whole career will depend on communication skills.
  • Communication skills show your efficiency and your professionalism.
  • You need to have the talent to convince a client to pick you out of hundreds of people applying;
  • Give them a reason on why should i work with you? Why you?
  • It is important to know advanced English if you want to communicate with English speakers.
  • You need to have no grammar neither spelling mistakes in your messages and in presenting your work.
  • You also need to use descriptive words that summarizes all your ideas in a very organized way.
  • There are a lot of courses you can find in increasing your communication talent.
  • If you are very good at communicating you can start taking your graphics design courses.

Can you present your work?

If the answer is no, you should really reconsider taking graphics design courses; or even having thoughts about it.


Why you may ask?

  • Because graphics designing is all about showing your work to others and presenting your portfolio.
  • Presenting your portfolio is the most important thing in a graphics designer’s career.
  • It shows your uniqueness, creativity, and professionalism. You might also include some of the factors we mentioned previously in previous articles.
  • It shows why are you better than others.
  • Out of millions of people around the world.


Why choose you?

  • You always have to make yourself special by how you present your work. You will have to present your work using your presenting & communication skills in front of other companies or teams that are wanting to work with you.
  • If you are uncomfortable to present, your work than you can’t be a graphics designer.
  • There are a lot of videos and courses on how to present your work properly.
  • If you can design your work properly you can start taking your graphics design courses.


Do you like to research?

If the answer is no, you should really reconsider taking graphics design courses; or even having thoughts about it.


Why you may ask?

  • Because a big part of graphics designing is research and discovery.
  • To produce and make interesting and original work you will need to spend your time researching. It requires understanding, thinking, communication skills, presenting skills, creativity and development.
  • Organizing ideas for creative designs.
  • If you can’t research and take your time researching, then you will fail.
  • It needs hard work and dedication to learn such thing.
  • It always keeps you up to date with all the new ideas, and creative works which can inspire you and give you other ideas.
  • Researching is something essential for graphic designers.
  • Knowing how to research is an art you need to master.
  • If you are good at researching, you can think of taking graphics design courses.

Are you good at conceptual thinking?

  • One of the most essential factor any company or individual that is looking for a graphics designer is thinking outside the box!
  • This is what makes you special is filling your portfolio with new concepts and ideas no one have ever thought of.
  • A potential customer will not only look for high quality work, they will also look for high quality of ideas and thinking.
  • Thinking outside of the box will get you far in this industry.
  • You will also need to work with limitations because you are not making the work for your own self. You are making it for someone that maybe has a different thinking than you.
  • They will also limit your ideas.
  • So you need to adapt to it and give your best shot.
  • If you have plenty of ideas, you can start thinking of taking your graphics design courses.


Well if you found that that they all match you. You can either use the options i will be mentioning later on or you can start by the free ones at first.


  • Using and finding good sources of information for you learn as to work.
  • You need to use one of the factors i mentioned.
  • Researching, people don’t usually give away all their tricks and way they use to work. So you need to find good sources that you could learn from.
  • YouTube is a good place for a starter you can find a lot of useful things to learn from but you can’t fully develop your career out of it.


The best option is to work with somebody and let him give you tips on how to work.

Help him and get a little commission at first until you can work on your own. That’s how we all started!


If you are searching for online free or paid courses here are some incredible options for you to choose from.


Graphic Designer’s Software Main

  • Corel Draw Is very easy tool and best tool for graphic designer and its mostly use in India.
  • Adobe Photoshop is good tool but we should use only for image because you can edit their good type of images.
  • Adobe Illustrator Is very good software for vector and different type of design and here is lots of creativity.
  • Adobe After effects is very good software for motion videos.
  • Adobe premiere pro is very good software for video editing don’t use for animation this software.


Creative live

  • Creative live is a great site for your graphics design courses.
  • They mainly focus on how to be create creative photos, and designs.
  • They also have a lot of famous teachers who have a lot of experience who teach graphic design courses.
  • The class price starts from $30 to +$200 for your graphics design courses.



  • Lynda is a site that teaches thousands of subjects including graphics design courses.
  • They are really good and they have a lot of experience as they are about 25 years old.
  • They are one of the oldest sites out there.
  • Allot of videos of graphics design courses.


Kelby one

  • Kelby one is a good site for your graphics design courses.
  • They mainly focus on photography.
  • They also do a really good job at teaching graphic design courses.
  • They include a lot of creative teaching methods for your graphic design courses.
  • They have a lot of skilled and experienced teachers.
  • The class starts from Free access to $99.99 package which gives you access for all them graphic design courses.


Skill share

  • Skill share is a site that teaches several subjects and it does include graphics design courses.
  • They offer either $15 a month or $99.99 a year.



  • Is a site where they collect a lot of professional classes that are teacher in the biggest universities in the whole world.
  • They also include graphics design courses.
  • They offer a free trial then you can pay starting from $39 to $79 a month.
  • Learning from class-central can actually gain you a certificate which you can add to your portfolio or your CV.



  • LinkedIn is a very unique site which teaches and discuss a lot of several topics.
  • It is mainly focused on business and marketing but it does include a decent amount of graphics design courses.
  • They offer a free month and then you have to pay a membership depending on your requirements.



  • Udemy is one of the biggest platforms when it comes to online education.
  • They have over +100,000 videos to choose from.
  • They offer all kinds of courses you can think of.
  • They offer everything and it includes a lot of graphics design courses.
  • Their price is +$10.99 and up.


Helpx Adobe

  • Helpx Adobe is available for adobe subscribers.
  • If you are a subscriber you are lucky enough, because this website has one of the best and most skilled training teachers.
  • Very skilled teachers from Adobe itself!!
  • Adobe is well known for all kinds of graphics designing so of course help Adobe includes a ton of graphics design courses teacher by Adobe teachers themselves!



  • Byol is a website ran by Daniel Scott.
  • He is a very professional certified adobe trainer that can teach everything including graphics design courses.
  • It is said that he is a very fun, skilled, and experienced teacher that everyone likes.
  • He spoke for adobe in many events like the Adobe Max conference.
  • The website charges for $99.95 a month for all access for all his teaching graphics design courses, and other courses.


Hopefully I was able to help you!

Stay tuned for new articles!


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