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A vector image is a digital image form by geometric objects, each of them define by mathematical attributes of shape, position, etc. For example, a red circle would be determine by its center’s work, radius, line thickness, and color.

This image format is entirely different from bitmap images, also called matrix images, which are made up of pixels. The main interest of vector graphics is to enlarge the size of an image at will without suffering the loss of quality suffer by bitmaps. In the same way, they allow moving, stretching, and twisting images relatively quickly. Its use is also widespread in the generation of images in three dimensions, both dynamic and static.

All current computers translate vector graphics to bitmaps to represent them on the screen as it is physically constitute by pixels.

  • Vectors that have the same module, the same direction, and the same direction are equivalent. The set of such vectors is called a free vector.
  • As a representative of a free vector, we choose that Vector whose origin or point of application coincides with the head of coordinates.

Free vector art / Free Vector design

Free vectors are significant in art. If I told that to an artist a century or several centuries ago. They probably wouldn’t understand why I say that. But today, most artists and designers, those who try to make art. Well, today, art is mainly carry out through digital platforms. Illustrator is an example of this. For some of these programs or platforms that allow these types of designs to be carried out, vectors are the lines that make up those designs. Vectors are what make up the art that you carry out as a creative artist.

Free vector png

On the Vexels website, you can have 13788 transparent png / SVG Free Vector. However, there are other websites where you can find free vectors in png. Kuldeep Aggarwal is a designer with extensive experience. You will surely know how vectors work and know legitimate and legal ways to obtain free vectors for free and in any format. Therefore, please do not be shy and contact him in case you need free vectors.

Free vector illustrator

Free vectors are primarily appreciate in Illustrator. Illustrator is a program similar to Photoshop, which allows you to edit images, combine them, incorporate filters, among many other things. But if Illustrator differentiates concerning Photoshop is that this last program enables you to work with vectors. It is necessary to distinguish between the meaning of a “vector” and a “bitmap” image. The Vector is a mathematical description of a geometric form, which is define by points. This type of representation is call a bitmap image. Adobe Illustrator (AI) is a vector graphics editor in the form of an art workshop that works on a drawing board, known as a “worktable,”. And is intend for the artistic creation of drawing and painting for illustration.

Free vector images for commercial use

You may make designs on your own, to give them to your family or to have a memory or to make a joke. However, the issue of copyright is severe since the design is also a business. Some people are professionally dedicate to design and patent their vectors. Therefore, it would be immoral and illegal for you to use copyright works to carry out commercial use. So you have to be careful and not take advantage of the work of others, especially when you carry out commercial use. However, there are vectors free of images that are free of copyright, and that kind of Vector can be use for commercial use.

Royalty-free vectors / Free vector backgrounds

It is possible that, for the development of your designs, logos, or anything else, you need to have free vectors that are free of rights, that is, vectors that you can download for free without infringing on anyone’s copyright.

Free vector download sites

If you are a graphic designer, you will know how laborious it is to design from scratch and how much it helps to know the best banks to download free vectors. Well, few people pay for the work it takes to do the design, creativity, and that this design fits precisely what the company is looking for. That is why, to speed up the process and be able to offer more competitive prices, we must download free vectors for Illustrator or PSD for Photoshop, thus getting the first sketch more quickly and reaching that price that the market or the customer considers “fair.”

It, as many will think, would be to plagiarize, or perhaps give lower quality service or copy from another company, but it is not so. The good thing is that these free vectored elements to download are that you can retouch any vector yourself so that it is not the same as the one you download and acquire that originality and creativity you need to offer your customers.

Free vector clip-art

In graphic arts, clip art is use to name any image already made or predefined. To use to illustrate any medium, be it a web page, a document generate by a word processor or a PDF document. There are hundreds of clip art galleries groupe by categories. Today they are use quite frequently in commercial projects or presentations. Clip art can be found in various forms, both in electronic and printed formats.


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