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Graphic designer’s main problem starts when it comes to giving font to your design. Graphic designing is not an easy task and getting famous in graphic designing is also not an easy task you take. You should have correct knowledge about your work. Every font, image, colour, etc. Matters in designing. Either it can get your clients or you can lose your clients. To know which fonts are best for what designs you can stay with us and read the whole article.


It is not an easy task but we experienced so much that we are able to ease your work of choosing fonts. Our website only works for you. Our main motive is to make your work easy and fun to do. To know more about other things related to graphic designing you can surf Kuldeep Aggarwal site. But now to know the best free fonts for your artistic designing stay with us and read more.


Some best tips for graphic designer which they can apply while putting font to their design. Best tips for graphic designer are nothing but to ease their work. So let’s check out some best tips for graphic designer like On the hunt for the best free fonts? We have got you covered with the best serif, sans-serif and script fonts, available to download today.

– Pick differentiating hues

First, the thing catches the audience’s eyes are fonts colour. Colour of your font always should pop out and suits on the background. The high contrasting pallet is good to give your font colour. The best app which can help you with a great amount of colour is Adobe Colour CC.

– take simple fonts

Always take one or two fonts in your design more than this amount can make your content difficult to read. Two fonts like one font for heading and one for the body of the text. Simplicity can make the design more elegant.

– consistency

At the time of choosing the background always check the quality of the image. Quality of the design also encourages the font’s beauty.

– quantity of words

If you are writing the text’s body, then always watch the word limit. It never should exceed 30-40 character with space. More than this can hard to read and make the design hide and look crowded.

– typography effect

In this, our main motive is to take care of the text on a crowded image. In this, we mostly use the knockout effect. It suits any design. In this, you just have to make a small dark background with pop up text and blending mode.

These above tips are for graphic designer who gets confused at the time of applying fonts on their imagination. A single mistake can promote to losing the client which graphic designer can’t afford after doing so much efforts. So to decrease the mistakes these were some of our best tips for graphic designer.


Some free fonts which can help you in providing best free font to your designing are:

– serif

This free font is mainly found in newspapers, books and all

– handwriting fonts

It is used in invitation and cards.

– futuristic free font

It includes a media post or t-shirts.

– free script font

It is good for commercial projects.

– brush free fonts

You can use this font for cards also because these also shows free hand type of font.

– tattoo font

These are good in tattoo designing

– unusual free font

Some fonts need categorization

– retro and vintage fonts

These free fonts are mainly used in sci-fi designing.

What Is the Most Attractive Font?

The font style that is suites different styles are different. There are several kinds of fonts suited for each kind of project. The fonts that are styled big are generally used to highlight and work for a particular item like poster, pamphlets etc. The choices of the most attractive font can however change with the need and interests of people.

Best fonts for logos

Times New Roman is a Widely used font for the print industry. It has been used by many and seems to appeal a lot of people. Not only Times New Roman, we have Helvetica that can do wonders in print. It can highlight your text in a very good way. The best font for logos depends on the choices of people and which part of the text is to be highlighted.

Best fonts for logos 2019 & 2020

Hence, The choices of font are different when it comes to different people. The surveys done however claim that few fonts are always attractive than the others. Let’s take a few examples. The first example of the font style is Helvetica. Moreover, This is widely used by several designing companies. Rockwell is also an appealing font which is used and admired by a lot of people according to their interest.

Modern logo fonts

There are several logo fonts which are gaining popularity nowadays. Some of the modern day logo fonts are Future, Rockwell etc. These fonts help you to distinguish between several types of fonts. As the main aim of any type of font is making the text attractive it is very important to select a type of font that can do all these.

Famous logo fonts

Nowadays designing logo is an art. It is very important that you keep in mind size, composition and the font style while we make a logo. Baskerville, Myriad, Future are very commonly used logo fonts, Rockwell is also highly used nowadays.

Free download creative fonts for logo design

Font Style is one of the most important thing, that has to be kept in mind while designing a logo. There are several websites available on the web nowadays which can make downloading font easier. One of the website is Font space is the website that helps to decipher and also download the fonts available.

Best fonts for logos download

There are several fonts which can help to bring the best out in logo making. There are some websites which can help you for downloading best fonts. is one such website. You can try and visit it for more details.

Logo font generator

Logo font generator is a type of computer software. A font generator is a process where it creates fonts for a website.  There are several logo font generators. One of the most common logo font generator is Brand crowd.

Berlin font

Berlin font is a type of font. It is a group of display font which is inspired by the classic geometry typefaces. Berlin Font can be download from the website 

Best sans serif fonts for logos

There are many sans serif fonts for logos. Some of the best sans serif fonts are PT Sans Pro, Dejavu Pro, Helvetica, Verdana. Sans Serif fonts are usually used for logos. This is another very common type of fonts that is used for logos. You can get more information about sans serif fonts from

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