What Is Design Contest | Logo | Graphic Designer Contest for Students?

Many times, companies hold contests. Well, they do it for various reasons, to advertise the company, to personalize their brand or to select talents. In the world of graphic design there are multiple competitions. Well, it is normal, since it is a creative and highly advertising science. Therefore, it is not surprising that companies hold contests for any graphic designer to make an ideal logo or design for that company.

Design contest UK

UK is a country with a great professional and especially commercial career. At the time, this nation was the empire never seen on Earth and its commercial tradition dates back centuries. It is a very innovative country, able to keep up to date with the latest developments and opportunities that are available in the market. The English have always been characterized as very efficient, hardworking, innovative and strategic people. Well, today, marketing is one of the businesses that moves more money in the world and without a doubt, in the face of the development of globalization, marketing will play a clearly fundamental aspect in all areas of society. Graphic design is something totally necessary to carry out good marketing. The United Kingdom is a country that has multinational companies and therefore has a huge demand for graphic designers to represent their products or projects through an image or video.

Therefore, if you are a graphic designer and you are open to the new challenges that occur in the international market, you must participate in a design competition in the United Kingdom. Well, it’s the right country to do it. You may win the contest or be a finalist. Even if you lose the contest, what I can assure you is that you will not have wasted your time, because you will have learned a lot, in addition to having seen how the true graphic designers who have clients and international projects work.

Logo design contest

Most companies that run a graphic design contest do so because they are not sure what logo they can adopt for their company. To do this, they hold a contest, so that different professionals in the field of design make completely different proposals. Well, that logo proposal, which best represents the values of the company, that logo that most helps users identify the company, will be the winning proposal.

Graphic design contest for students

Graphic design students are usually up to date with regard to new technologies, but they are unaware of multiple aspects of graphic design since they lack professional experience in the sector. As it is normal, this circumstance occurs in almost all professions.

Enter logo design contest

Logos are what represent companies. They are the brand of the company. Consumers buy based on various parameters and the psychological parameter, although many people do not know, plays a fundamental role. Well, a company with a logo that is able to capture the attention to the user or client, will have many possibilities of being a reputed and well-known company. Well, if you buy a product or hire a service and that service is satisfactory and the company logo was eye-catching and it stuck in your head, you will surely identify the company and re-hire its services. For this reason, it is so important that a graphic designer carries out nice logo designs. Well, Kuldeep Aggarwal, for example, is an expert in designing logos for companies. If anyone has any doubt about it, they can access their portfolio as a graphic designer that can be found on this website. One of the star projects of K. Aggarwal is TheViralTime, a website about articles related to lifestyle, culture, education and many other topics. Well, for example, you can look at the logo of your project and see how sometimes simplicity is synonymous with elegance.

Enter design contest

A design contest is good for everyone. Well, participating in one of these contests can be extremely useful. You might win a prize or not, but you will meet many experts in the sector, you will see many types of design. In addition, you can understand how a contest works and what are the keys to winning or at least, to have an option to do so.


99designs is a graphic design services platform that works through crowdsourcing. 99designs connects graphic designers with small and medium businesses to solve their graphic design needs. 99designs creates its products through crowdsourcing. Clients describe their design needs such as logo, web design, t-shirts, and designers compete to offer the best design and win the cash prize. Users can also request design services by working directly with a designer through 1-to-1 projects, buy a logo template at the 99designs logo store or request small changes to their designs with Swiftly. 99designs was jointly founded in 2008 by entrepreneurs Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz (SitePoint, Flippa) in Melbourne, Australia. The company opened its offices in the United States in 2010. In 2011 the company obtained financing of 35 million dollars from Accel Partners (Facebook, Groupon, Dropbox) and other important investors.

Crowdsource logo design

It consists of open outsourcing of tasks, and consists of outsourcing tasks that traditionally were performed by employees or contractors, leaving them in charge of a large group of people or a community, through an open call.

Design competition

A design competition benefits everyone. Both the company or group of companies that organize it, since they can obtain designs and logos for their own companies and projects, which they would never have imagined and on the other hand they can make great publicity of their companies or brand internationally. I have mentioned the word international, since most design competitions are held internationally. Well, in addition to benefiting companies, they also benefit contestants. On the one hand, they can win a contest, and if so, not only would they get an economic prize, but they could obtain a diploma or an accreditation, something that will lead to a certain reputation or popularity towards them. In addition, even if the contestant does not win any prizes, said contestant can learn a lot, because from the contest he will get a very interesting experience.


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