Has Coronavirus Impacted on Graphic Designer?

Corona Virus is now being treated as an worldwide epidemic which has already cost thousands of lives. It is said to have originated from Wuhan a place in China.  To avoid the further spread of this disease the Indian Government has decided an preventive measure that is to lockdown the country and stop communication from all parts. So within this article we will talk about a few things:

  • How has corona virus affected Professions ?
  • The way work from home is enabled.
  • The relation of Corona Virus with that of the Graphic Designers.
What are Graphic Designers doing due to Corona Virus?

The main work of Graphic Designers is to infuse technology with creativity in order to provide products or services. Lets talk about the services that have come to an halt. As people are not coming out to the streets posters and banners are not in demand now. So Graphic Designers are basically focusing on Digital Marketing and online programmes that can help clients to sit and work from home. It is being wished that everyone should stay home and stay safe during this Global Pandemic.

Can Graphic Designer do work from home ?

Yes a Graphic Designer can do several things which include working from home. There are several things a Graphic Designer can do while working from home. They are :

  • Doing web designs and making new websites while being at home.
  • They can also reconfirm and stock down the given orders so there are no hurries.
  • Digital invites, awareness videos can also be made by the Graphic Designers.
  • Video and Audio Editing can also be worked upon even in the comfort of home.
  • Designing t-shirts, laptop covers can be done and should be stocked.
Is Designer job safe ?

Every profession has its own pros and cons . Graphic Designing is no different. A Graphic Designer can however think and maintain their own safety, by staying indoors and working. A Graphic Designer’s job is safe because there is no emergency work to go out even during the lockdown. Most of the works are electronic or digital. There should be a few things that should be kept in mind.

  • Hands should be washed regularly if any public device such as phone or laptop is being used.
  • It should be taken a note that visiting outside should be restricted unless there is an emergency.
  • Work from home is highly encouraged.
  • Using personal devices are suggested.

What can a Graphic Designer do during Corona virus?

There are several thing a Graphic Designer can do during Corona Virus:

  • Search for online Internships or jobs : Searching for online internships and jobs would make the designer more effective and also learn new skills.
  • Design online awareness posters : Why not contribute a bit to the society ? Graphic Designers can lend their own helping hand by making online posters to spread awareness about this epidemic.
  • Work on new programming language : Graphic Designers can also work on learning new programming languages as that is for the benefit of their own career.
  • Brush up skills and hobbies : People get tired and monotonous in this time. If they get time they can also brush up their old hobbies for refreshment.


Designer can be bore at home

Designers can get bored at home. But engaging them in several new learning activities will hem them horn their skills. Designing, learning about colour compositions ,working about their own interests are a few things designers can do. Added to that this is the best time to be creative and make some new taglines and logos and plan for an own merchandise.

How can we do work from home ?

Work from home can be done by several ways :

  • A short term project that enables work from home should be taken.
  • Own designs should be redone by making advancements in them.
  • Try inculcating photoshop and different Adobe tools to learn something new.
  • Market studies related to top brands can be done.
What is safety from corona virus ?

While everyone is working, hands should be washed at regular intervals. The lock down rules shall be followed and outdoor chores shall be avoided. Usage of handkerchiefs, towels shall be remembered while coughing or sneezing. Masks and sanitizers should always be taken if there is an urgency to go out. Several Government websites which are giving updates and details about corona virus shall be followed. This will create awareness and indeed can save a lot of lives.

How can we do work from home of office?

Doing the work you do at office from home is not very difficult. It should however be ensured that one works with the same passion and hard work as they do in the office. Necessary works like update with recent works, working hours can be maintained by keeping a record online.

How Kuldeep Aggarwal is working at home ?

Famous Delhi based Graphic Designer Kuldeep Aggarwal is also working online. He is involving himself into online projects and offering work from home facilities.

  • His website can be visited for more details.
  • His work is appreciated and his designs are great too.
  • Sitting and home and working on personal blogs and projects is encouraged. One does not always need to go out to work.
  • Working on redesigning his works and making his website more active is also being done.
What  Kuldeep Aggarwal is saying about Corona virus?

Kuldeep Aggarwal says that lockdown is an important step. Government rules shall be followed. Online works are encouraged. Corona Virus can be prevented by following a few important steps like washing hands regularly, covering your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing . He also encourages to work online and look after families. More time should be spent with them. It is a good time to brush up your hobbies as said by Kuldeep Aggarwal.


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