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Charges for Graphic Designer Work | Creative | Freelance | Price List

Charges For Graphic Design Work:

The graphic designers’ work includes several works like designing posters, making pamphlets, brochures, etc. The charges for Graphic Design Work can range anywhere from 300-30,000 in a project depending on the project the Graphic Designer is getting. Graphic design services are among the most common services used by several start-ups and different business organizations nowadays.

While the charges for just designing a single piece of the pamphlet, paper, or poster are less but charge for Graphic Designer work like video editing, videography can increase from time to time. Thus charges for Graphic Designer Work also vary from the state we are into and how many projects the graphic designer has done or how famous he is.

Creative Graphic Designer’s Charges:

Creative Graphic Designer’s Charges are considerably more as they have to make attractive content on any topic they get a project on. Their sole aim is to attract the attention of the viewers. Charges for Graphic Designer Work also depends on the number of days and time limits a graphic designer takes to make the order. Urgent order might cost more than other orders and thus is very important. Charges for graphic designer work vary, but the base price for invitation card designs and 100INR, the design of a poster ranges from 200-600, and so on. However, the charges of videography normally start from 2000 INR and keep on increasing. Creative Graphic Designer’s Charges also depend on the customization of resources.

The charges for a graphic designer increases from time to time, keeping in mind the market demand. If the market demand for a service is more, the graphic designer makes a separate price list at that time. This generally happens in the festive and the wedding season, resulting in the growth of the Graphic Designing industry.

Freelance Graphic Designer Price List:

Freelance Graphic Designer prices start from 200INR and carry on with every project. Charges for Graphic Designer Work depend not only on the type of work but also on how famous the Graphic Designer is and how many projects the graphic designer has done. Although charges for Graphic Designer work can vary, the basic freelance Graphic Designer list can start from a hundred rupee for posters and name cards, two thousand and above for video graphic content, pamphlets, and brochures generally cost five hundred rupees and so on.

Freelance Graphic Designers generally provide several graphic designing services from time to time. Their services may result in different services like small projects to the bigger ones. Freelance Graphic Designers generally charge lesser money than Graphic Designing professions. The freelance Graphic Designer list varies from company to company, but some companies give discounts and other services like special coupon codes for regular clients.

Best Price List Of Graphic Design services:

Although the charges for graphic designer work vary from place to place, the best price can range between 200 and goes on to 30,00 INR. The best price list for Graphic Design Services may vary from company to company and person to person. The basic price list, which is the average of companies, can be stated below.

  • Name cards/business cards (Visiting Card Design) -300 Rs
  • Posters Design – Black and white – 300 INR
  • Colored posters Design– 600-1500 INR
  • Pamphlets Design– 600INR starting price
  • Videography – 1000INR basic editing
  • Colour Grading -2000INR
  • Logo- 1500 INR (Starting)
  • Social Media Post- 350/- to 500/- INR
  • Motion graphic – 10 Sec 800/-

Graphic Designer Price List:

The Graphic Designer price list is basically the list that contains the price of all basic services of a graphic designer. The Charges for Graphic Designer work are maintained in the Graphic Designer price list. Each Graphic Designer jots down all the services they provide in detail and makes this list to get information.

The graphic Designer Price List consists of the price, the quantity of the materials. At times special discounts or coupon codes are made for regular clients. There is often a separate price list for bulk orders. This is the reason a Graphic Designer price list is essential.


A Graphic Designer Price List | Kuldeep Aggarwal Designs Price List?

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