What Is the Difference Between a Blog and A Website of Graphic Design?

Internet nowadays is used as a broad medium to connect to the public nowadays. But people are still confused about the ways and constituents of using the internet medium. In this article we will talk about the difference between a blog and a Website of Graphic Design. A blog is basically a medium written by a person to wither convey the personal feelings or share views and opinions. Whereas a Website of Graphic Design will focus on the basics and ideas about Graphic Designing only.

IBlog vs blog

 IBlog is an Open Cart feature. It is a way you get to work with SEO and URL’s. IBlog is presently coming a lot into use by the teenagers. This is because people find iBlog extremely compatible. Now when it comes to blog people are using blog a lot nowadays to convey their feeling, emotions and knowledge to the public. Having a blog has helped a lot in the information cycle and news, ideas can be shared across the globe.

What is blog?

Blog is an informational and discussion website of the Word Wide Web. Because of the global nature of WWW blog has been efficient in reaching out to people. People use this as a forum of discussion, debate, collaboration and reaching out to public. Blogging is a very common phenomenon in the 21st century. Not only has it increased awareness but also catered to the facility of Representation.

What is blog Writing?

Blog writing is the procedure where you share your own opinions and views through a blog to a wider mass of audience. You need to use a blogging site like IBlog or WordPress for this purpose. You can use the account of another person also. Your writing would initially come as a draft and after you review it you can publish it. You can have your ideas, opinions, thoughts and not only that you can support that with pictures. A link will then be generated which you can share with other people. After you do this those people would be able to see your work once they click that link.

Example of a blog

 Blogs are those which provide us a valuable insight about any field according to the writer’s choice. Be it the career option, be it heath or fashion blogs are one of the best examples one can look forward to. There are several graphic designing blog in the market today .A few of them are http://kuldeepaggarwal.com/ .Some of the other graphic designing blogs are as follows Abduzeedo, Design Week, Identity Designed, Digital Art etc.

Popular Blogs

There are several important blogs emerging nowadays. This is because the usage of blog has become very important. Let us understand what blog originally is. Blog is an online writing platform which helps the writer to showcase their talent and also fulfilling the motive of reaching out a mass audience. A creative blog can be of several types. It can be in the form of travelogue, food blog, lifestyle blog, news or general blog. Few of the examples of creative blogs are as follows  http://kuldeepaggarwal.com/this blog you  will find several write-ups about entertainment section, news, motivational quotes etc. Another example of a creative blog is TVT you will find several short stories poem and articles that might relate to your real life.

 How does blogs work?

There are several websites through which you can open a blog. For an example let us talk about one site which is Word Press. There you will find an option which is either write or draft. In that option you can draft whatever you want to write about. If you are using content from any other sources you need give citations and state what you have taken from those sites. After that there would be options so that you can add images. Do add images if you want. Then the process of reviewing comes. In this process you will check the errors look at the suggestions and work on them. After that you can publish your article. One the article is published an URL shall be generated which would help you to share your link to others.

What is blog page?

A blog page talks about the constituents and highlights them of a blog. A blog page consists of the heading, subheading which helps the reader to distinguish and read properly. Added to that the blog page has précised information about any topic. You also have to remember SEO’s while you work for a blog.

What is blog post?

A blog post is whatever you share in a blog. You should remember whatever you do you have a certain responsibility. This is because the content you share shall be visible to the masses and thus it shall create an impact. While doing a blog post you shall remember that your content should be SEO optimized and shall have the keywords to make the reach maximum.

What is blog on computers?

Blog on computers generally represents the ability of the blog to function on desktop site. A blog generally has all the constituents of any site and it is error free. Plagiarism is not encouraged. Blog on computers generally help you to view the constituents properly and in a hassle free manner.



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