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50 Best Free Typewriter Font for Creative Graphic Design?

The way of presentation is also an integral part of graphic designing. The font style is something which is very important for graphic designing. This article would be about different font styles that would have an impact on the audience.  Different type of fonts does help the readers to get rid of the monotonous feeling and proper use of font in places can actually increase readership as it becomes easier if points are highlighted and several options are kept in mind.

Types of font

There are several types of font which are designed especially for the interest of the graphic designers. They can be discussed under the following categories. They are mainly Trajan, Future, Bick ham script pro. Font styles like Helvetica is used largely by the professional designers nowadays as it is compatible and it looks good. Text style like Garamond has also offers a lot of facilities.

Typewriter font

Let’s admit we all are a big fan of Bohemian typewriter font. It looks classy and is definitely a font that catches attention of the audience. Travelling Typewriter font is also used to highlight text and give a new edge to the writings. The font ADLER is also used for all kind of spooky writings and to give a horror effect.

Typewriter font word

Typewriter font word is basically a style where the graphic designer use this specifically to emphasise on the font and look after the details of the highlighted word. One such example is courier which is a typeface which is used to write words in a specific format.

Classic typewriter font

Envoi Market and envoi elements have a good deal of typewriter fonts present. Catalina Type writer font is one of the classic type writer font which is used to design bold headers and paragraphs. Another type writer is the enigma typewriter which uses to replicate different types of font. The Postmark typewriter has also become very famous as it is handcrafted. It is used to work upon old magazine and font styles. Another type of font is the wind flower font which has very delicate and colourful designs which would help the audience to patiently read the text.

Olivetti typewriter font

Olivetti is a type writer by serif font family. It is a five font family. Each of the five styles are paid and are unique. They are being used widely by graphic designer nowadays. They are namely Olivetti typewriter wide font, Olivetti typewriter bold font, Olivetti Typewriter Shadow, Olivetti Typewriter Underscore and Olivetti typewriter (which is the normal and basic style.)

Typewriter font Photoshop

Photoshop has several text options available to it and there are a few normal font style and the font size and colour can be changed from the font option in the textbox. However, in Photoshop we can add vintage font. This is done by going to the layer menu, selecting new fill layer and solid colour.

Typewriter font generator

There are several kinds of typewriter that help to generate font. The font generated is done through mechanic-script. Machaon -script is a mechanised version of script which is used to deliver font. You have to write the font in the text box and select the type of style and press enter. Once this is done and the result is generated you just have to copy and paste the text wherever required. You should keep in mind that some of the font generators are paid and act according to that.

Typewriter font tattoo

Tattoo is becoming one of the upcoming trends nowadays. Thus typewriter fonts are coming into play for these kind of tattoo. There are several different styles which are said to fit different personalities of individuals and people are said to choose several styles according to that. Typewriter font has however become very trendy nowadays in the current scenario.

Typewriter font numbers

There are several effects even for the numbers in the typewriter. A few of American typewriters can give the best efforts while writing numbers. The travelling type writer font has several different kind of numerical designs. You have to understand which design to use when according to the usability. Bold style can be used in the time of highlighting bullet points and so on. Colon Mono is also an aesthetic type of writer which can also give good results in case of fonts.

Write in typewriter font

To write in type writer font you just need to know the basics and understand with the concept which font to use where. There are several types of font both aid and unpaid. You need to find out the best suited font for yourself and also look for the best results in the final page and change or rearrange according to that. It is always a trial and error method.

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